Friday, April 16, 2010

Funny signs in Indonesia

I do so love the English-translation issues you run across when you live overseas. When I took my husband home to see where I grew up I remembered to take pictures of several of my favorites.

From papua
This one has been around for years - it's in the airport. Why would you need a "weaving gallery" in an airport? Well, it's meant to be the "waving gallery", which is upstairs windows where you can wave hello and goodbye to people. I suppose you could weave as well if you wanted, though.

From papua
The above isn't so much a language issue so much as I just had to laugh at the thought of renting a computer from such a shack.
I love this one:

From papua
How would you interpret the sign? "Do not puke blood everywhere?". It's actually "Don't East Pinang", pinang is betel nut, which the Papuans chew and it's bright red and they spit it out and it stains everywhere. Gross. The sign is brilliant though.

Read what's written under "caution !!!" on the sign below, which is what I saw when I sat down in my seat on an airplane).
From papua
Love it.
This one must be translated because it's so blurry. This is the house rules posted in our hotel room when we went to visit a tiny remote town in Papua.

"It is a responsibility of the guest to lose the room key"
Really? Never heard that instruction before.
"It is a responsibility of the guest damaged the room facility"
"Do not take alcohol in the room"
"Do not smoking on the bed"
"Do not make a noise in the rest time"
From papua


Alice said...

Those are hilarious! When I saw that betel nut one I thought that, "Don't spit out your blood"??

We found signs in England to be elaborately polite. We took a picture of one at St. Margaret's that said, "Please do not allow your dog to foul our lovely garden." :-)

cclarebear said...

Hehe. The betel nut one is funny, but if he wasn't looking so "eerrrrggghhhh" and sick-looking, it might be easier to work it out.

Togenberg said...

Don't Eat Pinang! That sign is so cool. What a great poster it would make!