Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Matt moments..

I got to go home a few weeks ago and spend some time with my family. I must say, I simply love the little Matt moments I get in on when I'm home. He never fails to make me laugh.

For instance, he's always had a thing about clothes. He's very particular, likes unique outfits and uniforms, is extremely stubborn about what he wears, and changes outfits multiple times a day when allowed. I remember visits home when I was in college when he'd disappear for fifteen minutes and reappear wearing a cowboy getup, and then two hours later be walking around in a tux.
Saturday morning is cleaning time at our house, and I snuck into his room and saw him cleaning (he didn't see me take the first photo and then when I told him to smile, he posed for me). I guess he just felt like this was appropriate attire for cleaning. Yes. baseball hat and gloves.... with feather duster.

From 2010

He's a good cleaner and he keeps his room pretty neat and filled with various sports awards and memorabilia..... and a large poster of Troy from High School Musical, who is currently Matt's hero. *rolls eyes*

This was just a few hours later, when Matt came downstairs in his track uniform. Keep in mind that there was snow melting on the ground outside....

From 2010

He waited for Dad to get home from his run before challenging him to a race (my dad is insane. He's in his upper 50's and I think he'd just run 10 miles that Saturday morning). Just the week before Matt had challenged my mom (a former marathon runner) and beaten her at two different sprints, so the whole family was waiting in expectation to see if he could keep up with my Dad. Dad refused to leave the house with Matt until he untucked his shirt from his track shorts, which is an ongoing debate. Matt always tucks in his shirt and buttons his shirt all the way to the top button, and all of us siblings constantly bug him to unbutton his button and untuck his shirt!

Matt beat Dad once and tied once, legitimately. Dad said he tried his best, but couldn't keep up. Dad was reminded of the Cosby show where Theo and Cliff walk in from a pick-up b-ball game in which Theo had beaten Cliff for the first time, and Cliff mournfully says to his wife, "Claire..... I'm old, Claire......"

Sunday morning was another outfit - Matt came to church all dressed up with a tie and his hair all slicked and everything. The church is pretty casual and so when I walked him down to the youth room, he was greeted by the leaders who all commented that they just love how Matt always comes looking like a stud with his tie. I asked Michelle about it and she rolled her eyes. NO ONE his age wears a tie, my dad doesn't ever wear ties, my brother doesn't wear a tie.... so it's just entirely Matt's thing .... he wants to wear a tie and be snazzy.

In fact, during a Saturday trip to the mall Mom suggested Dad and Matt entertain themselves while she shopped, and she suggested they go to the pet store and look at the puppies. Matt turned down that idea very firmly, "No mom, I want to go to the tuxedo shop and look at tuxedos." Oooookay....

He's actually become quite the athlete. He's been in sports all year long, and he's better at some than others. He was just in wrestling and was apparently pretty good and could take down a lot of the boys... that is just crazy to me.

From 2010

He's growin up.... *sniff*... that's three generations in the photo below!

From 2010

Life is never boring with him around. He came home froms school on Friday having seen a play that the high school kids.... the story from the movie Big. Matt attempted to explain the plot to us and it was pretty confusing, but the part he emphasized, "Andd... you guys.... I sawww.... *whispers dramatically*... a KISS."

Yes. Romance is a huge curiousity for him. He's still figuring how who is allowed to marry who and at what age and how the whole girlfriend/boyfriend thing works into it all....


Jaimie said...

I love these posts.

PS. I commented to your recent FB update... did you delete that for some reason? This is why I hate Facebook. I can't tell if it's being glitchy or I said something wrong, and I HATE that it's glitchy in the first place.

justaweeblether said...

He is so precious. Changing clothes is the opposite for Stevie. I will notice him wearing the same clothes for DAYS! Sometimes he has even slept in them!
He is infatuated with shoes and always wants to look at shoes at the store.

Alice said...

He's so cute. My mom's best friend's daughter has Down's. She went through a protracted stage of wondering about getting married and would wander around with a slip on her head, pretending it was a bridal veil. To this day, she wants to catch the bouquet at every single wedding she goes to! :-)