Friday, May 28, 2010

My best friend's wedding... take 2

Over a year ago, I was the maid of honor in my dear friend Linda's wedding. I wrote about it here, complete with my own personal pics. However, Linda just got her profession pictures, and I'm inspired to post more because I love them.

Linda and I were bffs in high school in Indonesia.

We thought we'd be separated forever when I went off to Moody and she went to Washington, but two visits and a year later, she joined me as my roommate at Moody.

Turned out being college roommates was a little different than being hyper high school friends, but we survived and grew through the experience.... and met weekly with Missy and Ana for the rest of our years at Moody and Chicago. I treasure those friendships, and getting together in Texas for Linda's wedding after all being in the previous three weddings was just so great.

The walk into the church in the morning, after us girls staying together at her apartment the night before:

Helping the bride get ready:

Waiting for our moment:

Being a witness to a lifetime commitment... I'm actually in EVERY shot of the bride and groom of the ceremony... hah, a little embarrassing:

The kiss! It was dramatic and hilarious, the lights went down and then spotlights started flashing... very fun!

Pictures! I have to admit that I cut the groomsmen out of this one... :

I love the candid moments in between pictures:

I believe in this photo I was distracting the flower girl by showing her what was in Linda's wallet. Hah!

And..... the send-off!

So much fun. I do love weddings. And this one, despite being a part of the wedding party and prep (which is usually stressful), I really enjoyed all around! I didn't even mind marrying my best friend off - she married a great guy. :) And now we're all either pregnant or have babies... except Linda. We're giving her a little more time since she's just been married a year, but the pressure seems to be on.... ;)


Kacie said... I just don't know most of them, and wanted a pic of the girls... soo... *crop*!

If it was a past boyfriend, they'd stay in... I know them and am still friends with all 1/5 of them!

Erin said...

I love the colour of the flowers - so vibrant! They go really nicely with the dresses too.

Kacie said...

Urg, 1.5. My grade school typing class never taught us to do punctuation automatically, and it's still what gets me!