Friday, June 18, 2010

7 Quick Takes - The World Cup Version

world cup sign I

1. It's amazing how little blog buzz there's been about the World Cup. I am a non-sports person and it's the only sporting event I follow other than the Olympics. It's been great to have it going on while Isaac is gone because it gives me something to look forward to. It's also immensely distracting at work as I follow the live-updates of the big games on the FIFA site.

2. I can never bring myself to fully and enthusiastically support the US, so I sort of halfheartedly root for them because I'm obligated, and otherwise generally root for the underdog. So far, it's a GOOD year to root for underdogs. The top teams haven't dominated like expected in most games, and there have been several upsets, including Serbia beating Germany this morning and Spain being beaten by Switzerland.

3. Last Saturday the roomies and I hit up a local bar for the US-England game. The German pub was packed out but the American bar had plenty of room, and it was funny to watch a US game with a US audience for the first time ever. The US just really still doesn't play all that well, but thanks to a fumble by England's goalie, we had a tied match, and the American crowd was thrilled.

Yes Green, you should be embarrassed.On the other hand, the US totally didn't deserve that goal.

Will we advance? That may depend on the game starting in 30 minutes from when I write this.

4. I've been running a seminar at work this week, which means early mornings and staying late. This morning I had to get up at 3am to take two of the participants to the airport, which totally sucks. Since I had to be at work early anyways to call Isaac from our free international call line, instead of going home after my airport run, I went to a local British pub and slept for an hour in my car in their parking lot and then at 6:30 when they opened I watched half of the Germany/Serbia game and enjoyed breakfast and coffee. The place was being staked out by lots of guys trying to claim spots for the US game in two hours, so I told a group of them that they could have my table once I left for work. This led to plenty of great conversations - the type I used to have with kids in my public schools.
"You watch soccer?"
"Yeah, I grew up overseas, and they play a lot of soccer over there."
"Oh yeah, where'd you grow up?"
"I have no idea where that is"
"It's right above Australia"
"Oh, I know where that is. It's by French Polynesia, right?"
"Uhh.. sorta" (who the heck knows where French Polynesia is that doesn't know where Indonesia is?)
"So what languages do you speak?"
"I speak Indonesian"
"Ohh, so what's that sound like?"
"The accent is pretty similar to Spanish actually"
"Oh I thought it was gonna be like a bunch of clicks and humms *clicks and humms an example*... see, I just said hello"

and later....
"So wait, you grew up in Indonesia, you made an early morning airport run, and now you have to go to make an international call at work? Who ARE you, like the female James Bond? Are you in the CIA?"

lol.... and that's all BEFORE the bar started serving drinks. And it's not like I'm some single girl, I'm married, wearing a ring, and I'm pregnant. Oh, and one of them I could barely understand. Turns out he was from Boston. Gotta love it when someone picks up their phone and tells their buddy, "Yeah, I'm at the baaaa"
Because you know, in Boston r's are apparently expendable.

5. I do actually enjoy watching Cup games, but my brother and his friends are taking credit on facebook for finally influencing me to enjoy sports. That's FALSE, since I've watched both of the last two World Cup games. I will admit that some of the motivation to begin watching a few Cups ago was that you have to watch the World Cup if you're really going to be a legit international kid. However, I was told this week that I am never going to be a legit international kid if I don't learn to drive a manual. No thanks. Terrifying.

6. Since Isaac is in the boonies in East Asia with no internet access, his only World Cup updates have been every-other day brief calls to me. It's fun to be the bearer of good news. As an American raised in England, he was perfectly happy with a tie between the two teams. It means he didn't have to actually pick sides. :) I wish I were watching games with him, though.... I actually didn't anticipate being apart being anywhere near as difficult as it has been. It's only been a week, and it's brutal. And I thought being apart while we were dating was hard! I don't know how military couples do it.

7. So, for my World-Cup watching friends... who are you rooting for??

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fumblingtowardgrace said...

US! :) I love this post! my husband's family are all soccer nuts!

Ake said...

England :)

I'm the same though - don't watch footy the rest of the time.

Will pray for you as you miss Isaac.

Wiley said...

Australia - of course. Although after our opener with Germany I kinda wish I wasn't... But we can redeem ourselves in just a couple of hours. Go Socceroos!!

And a lot of people tell me that the Aussie accent is close to that of Boston (or at least as close as it gets to any North American accent). Rs are in no way mandatory and Ts become Ds.

Ana O'Reilly said...

Hi Kacie. I just came across your blog via expat-blogs.

My husband and I live in Dallas too and I can totally relate to your love-hate relationship with the city. Mine is more hate than love, but there you go...

BTW, I'm rooting for Argentina, my country, and for England (my hubby's)

Rae said...

I'm far, far from being a sports fan, but soccer is my favorite sport and I don't understand why one wouldn't cheer for the US unless one wants to cheer for a team with a chance of winning. ;-)

In all seriousness though, I did watch their last game, and I think that they more than made up for the undeserved tie with England.

Erica Feunekes said...

Holland of course! Go Orange!!