Friday, June 11, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. We have successfully moved. We still have boxes to unpack, but to be honest I'm not sure when that will happen since they're mostly Isaac's, and he's taking a summer class and leaving within 24 hours of the end of the class.... hmm. In any case, we got movers priced by item moved, and they were FANTASTIC and moved our furniture, which left us to move our boxes. The price was great and I'm glad we didn't try to do it all ourselves.

2. I LOVE the area around our new apartment. It's close to Uptown and is sort of transitional - filled with hipster bars and restaurants but also some crumbling old businesses and houses. It feels so much less suburban and there's so much within walking distance! I love that in a few blocks one direction the neighborhood becomes quite wealthy, and in a few blocks another direction it becomes Hispanic. I like variety.  However, yesterday was the first day that the weather was actually walkable. I was about to think the entire summer would be nearly 100 degrees in Dallas, and I would wither away and die....

3. I love our new apartment itself. In some ways it's smaller - we got rid of our extra bedroom in order to have a massive kitchen and living room, but oh... the kitchen and living room are lovely. Nice tile and carpet, updated silver and black appliances, a side-by-side fridge and freezer, and beautiful kitchen island that we need to get bar stools for..... and the lighting is just nice. Mostly it's just big.... in contrast to our old kitchen where you couldn't open the dishwasher and fridge at the same time... now we have boxes all over and there's still plenty of room. Yay! It should make sharing a kitchen between four adults much more manageable.

From 2010

From 2010

From 2010

4. On the other hand, the demographics of our apartment complex are SO different from what Isaac and I have ever lived in before. It's all white young preppy people... a trip to the pool was sort of shocking and we realized we're in a party-crowd complex. Everyone ..... everyone.... was drinking. Not sure how we feel about this change, as this demographic is the one that Isaac and I feel the least comfortable with in all of America. Our demographic. :)

5. I'm pregnant. I know, everyone already knew that, but I keep having to remind myself. I'm at the stage where it mostly feels like I'm just getting fat. I hate admitting that, but as a woman, everything in you has been taught to say "bad!" when your waistline expands. Most of my old clothes CAN still be worn, but they look different and not so good now, and that just throws me off. I'm not big enough for maternity clothes, though, so I'm living in loose dresses and stretch pants. And I can't feel the baby moving yet and have very few other outer symptoms right now, so it's just surreal...

6. However, I have one symptom that's exacerbated. I usually have low blood sugar that has always made me wonder if I'm borderline hypoglycemic. If I go too long between meals, I get shaky and can't concentrate. When I drink caffeine for breakfast, by lunch my blood sugar is so low I can't function. Once I figured this out about myself I stopped drinking caffeinated coffee and started bringing small protein-filled snacks to work to eat mid-morning. Pregnancy makes all of that worse, and I find I have to really watch myself and make sure I've got food on hand. It's actually a little scary - on Sunday I ate my usual healthy breakfast and made sure I packed an apple to eat after church. I did, but still at about 11 I could feel myself starting to get hungry and a little shaky. At 11:45 I dropped into a chair at the mall, found myself cold but dripping sweat all over, shaking, and devouring Auntie Anne's cinnamon sugar pretzel sticks in desperation. As soon as the sugar got in my system I was fine. Should I be worried?

7. I grew up in Papua, Indonesia. Otherwise known as the Western half of the island of New Guinea, but NOT the same country as Papua New Guinea. You want to understand a little more? The Economist posted a great article about Papua this month with a fantastically intimidating header photo. You should read it.

Highland Warrior


The Bald Guy said...

That's a NICE house! Congratulations! And good luck with Baby Mann.


Lauren said...

I love the new digs. I laughed when I saw the carpet in the kitchen - that is the exact same carpet I have in my bedroom!
Did you talk to your doctor about the sugar thing? Maybe they can help you, although it sounds like you know what to do. ~ L

Aunt Barb said...

Kacie, I was EXACTLY the same way when I was pregnant. I would start to shake and sweat, and a granola bar would rescue me. You can talk to your doctor about it and see what he says, but I will tell you that it lessened as I got further into the pregnancy and seemed to pose no serious problems. When I got pregnant with Jonathan we were sitting in church, that "feeling" came over me (read: SWEAT) and I started shaking and I held my shaking hand out to Paul and said "Look!" We both knew immediately that I was pregnant. You're the first person I've heard of who has had the same experience!

Kacie said...

Actually that's a photo from the apartment website, so it's not our carpet nor actually our kitchen! :) Just shows you what it generally looks like.

Aunt Barb, I'm relieved to hear it wasn't anything major with you. I'll mention it to my doctor, but I think self-monitoring will probably be best!

Amy B. said...

In my first trimester, when it was time for me to eat, I had to eat IMMEDIATELY or I felt like I was going to throw up or pass out. I didn't get cold sweats, but I did feel terrible. It's definitely just part of the deal. However, your blood tests at your OB appointment will suss out if there are any additional problems. :)

And I totally hear you about the awkward "fat" stage of being pregnant. I was happier when I really looked pregnant! Now, as I am getting into the 3rd trimester, things are getting a little less comfortable. Everyone told me that the 2nd trimester was the golden period, and that the 1st and 3rd were tougher. That is turning out to be true.

I hope and pray all goes well for you and baby.

Oh, and super sweet new apartment!

shopannies said...

congratulations on your move your apartment looks and sounds great. The worst part about moving is putting it all exactly where you want it

Rae said...

Oh, thanks for linking to that article! It is quite helpful for this ignorant American.