Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear Peanut... telling the family

Dear Peanut,

This past weekend it just so happened that Dad and Mom (or.... to you... grandma and grandpa) had booked me a ticket to Denver with old frequent flier miles from our Indonesia days. The timing was perfect. I spent Thursday and most of Friday enjoying being with the family, relaxing, and full of nervous anticipation about telling them I'm pregnant!

I was waiting for Dad's birthday party to share the news. I'd bought him a book about Ronald Reagan and a cute birthday card, and then I had a second card that said "Happy Birthday Grandpa!" and said something like, "Surprise.... your other present is arriving in early December!"

From 2010

The little private party was fun, with a dark chocolate cake just the way Dad likes it and ribs and salad and everything else mom and I put together. I attempted to stop Matt from rearranging the presents multiple times because I wanted mine ON THE BOTTOM, and eventually I succeeded. Watching Dad open it was so funny, he oohed and ahhed appropriately at the present and first card, and at the second card he just looked confused about why there was a second card. He read it over probably three times and I even pointed to the word "grandpa", and he still was clueless! He later told me that he saw that it said "grandpa" and thought I must have just run out of cards and given him one meant for someone else... hah! When he read it aloud mom and Michelle got it, and Michelle screamed and Mom ran around the table screaming to give me a hug, and that's when Dad finally got it, and then it was a little family party of hugging and screaming while Matt and the other two guests looked on.

It was completely fun. Michelle was beside herself with excitement, which I just loved. The girls in our family are pretty reserved and not very often outwardly emotional, so to see her so outwardly excited was just wonderful, and she gave me a huge hug (we also aren't very touchy feely!) and said she'd been waiting forever for a niece or nephew.... so great.

From 2010

Mom hugged me a long time and quoted the mom in the Cosby Show, "My baby's having a baby!" We sat around for ages telling the stories related to Isaac and I finding out, figuring out the timing, talking about how I'm feeling, etc, etc.

Over the next few days we got in touch with all of my siblings and then my grandparents. Matt announced the news to each one on the phone in his completely Matt way, "Hey Caleb, ummm I have some very good news for you......I will be an uncle"... and there would be a pause as the person on the other end of the line considered whether or not to take Matt seriously and literally, and so I would pipe in and say, "Yes, it's true!" and they'd scream or whatever. Jana's reaction was great. "SHUT.... UP!"  I just love that all of my sisters are SO excited to have a niece or nephew. Joy says as soon as I go into labor her RA is driving her down to Dallas, since she's the closest sibling. Hah!

Having my family so excited is wonderful. It makes me feel like we're not doing this alone, even if both my parents and my in-laws will be overseas this year. I love that my family feels connected enough that they share deeply in our joy at this new life. It's fun to hear all my mom's stories and experiences too. It's crazy that out of six kids, she's only had an ultrasound once, and that was with her last in Papua, where they barely knew how to read it. She's such a trooper - I can't believe she looked after so many kids in so many pregnancies, and managed to deliver all six with NO pain meds. She said her hard labor was never more than 20 minutes and half the time the baby beat the doctor to the delivery. Oh, AND she never carried a baby full-term - she was always at least a week and a half early. I would LOVE to be like her... we'll see!

We told Isaac's parents by phone, and Isaac's mom was just desperate to tell the siblings. We found out why when Isaac called to tell his sister the news. Before he got around to it, she announced her own news - she's due with her first two weeks after we are! I think it's super fun to have us both due around the same time - the cousins will be able to play together.

So there you are, the news is spreading. I'm making phone calls and sending messages and growing more at ease with this new stage. It stinks not to be able to say on facebook or when people ask how I am that I am either feeling sick as a dog but starving, or completely exhausted, etc, etc. Having you around certainly throws my body for a loop, and I can't explain it to everyone yet!


Togenberg said...

That's so great! Congratulations again. You must be so excited Kacie.

Amy B. said...

I'm so excited to finally get to read these updates!

I just watched a documentary last night that I would highly recommend - The Business of Being Born:

It is quite biased, probably too much so, against hospitals and OBs, but even knowing that it is definitely eye opening. I was planning on having a natural, med-free birth with the help of a doula before watching it, but after watching it I am even more determined to do so! However, I still want to be in a hospital; the worrier in me would be too uneasy giving birth at home.

(I don't bring that up to try to talk you into having a particular kind of birth. The important thing is that you are able to choose what is best for you! Prayers and best wishes in the journey to mommyhood!)

Rae said...

Enjoying the letters. :-) That's great about your SIL's baby being due at the same time.

Alice said...

Telling the family about the first grandchild is something you'll remember for the rest of your life. So special! (And I love Matt. Just sayin'.)

Croatian_Latina said...

Hi there!
I smiled as I read this post because brings back memories of how I told my family. We (hubby and I) where living in Colorado, in Highlands ranch (suburb of Denver) and my parents and one sister came to visit for labor day from Iowa. I prepared a photo album of our recent trips and at the end was a picture of the positive pregnancy test and then another picture I wrote congrats you will be grandparents in April. they were also confused and my dad saw it first then showed it to my Mom, She understood right away.

well guess I felt compelled to share that with you. LOL


A Mexican Mommy living in Croatia


Croatian_Latina said...

just a correction it was the holiday Labor day (hehe)