Thursday, June 10, 2010

Family Weddings....

We've married off another one.

Isaac's sister got married a couple weekends ago, providing us with a good excuse to go to Chicago and see just about everyone we know.

The wedding itself was so fantastic. The new husband grew up in Chicago and is half Haitian, has SO much energy and is the life of the party. So goes it - this family is FULL of outgoing people (except me... hi!). In any case, it being a multi-cultural wedding (England, urban Chicago, Haiti, Bible college, rural Illinois and southern Baptist culture included), it was tons of fun. Isaac and I weren't in the wedding party but we did do a reading, and Isaac was very calm until actually getting onstage, at which point he held it together but suddenly got all emotional about his little sister getting married. Cute.

The church was beautiful... it was actually one of the first churches I visited when I came to Chicago, but didn't end up attending:

It so happens that I know all of the girls in the wedding party, but all from different places. They include kids that I helped usher into Moody via an orientation for international students, my own sister (who is friends with Isaac's sister), family friends from England, etc..etc..In any case, they're fun and I got to be a runner-girl before hand.

This is me, awkwardly far apart from the bride, lol:
From 2010

Actually the whole wedding party was fun. We had quite a range of personalities...

And we had gorgeous weather...

I love the two little flower girls, cousins from both sides of the family. They were instructed to sit by me after they came down the aisle.

Which means that I got this shot of their reaction when the pastor said, "You may now kiss the bride":

Of course everyones' favorite part is the bubble blowing:

Isaac and Jana (my sister) had a bubble fight and Isaac ended up dumping his bubbles on her. Some people never grow up... ahem... never missing a chance torture sisters or sisters in law.

There was a super fun reception:

Followed by a dance reception at a beautiful convservatory where I found venus fly traps and a talking parrot:

And... I'd never seen my husband dance in public, EVER. So... this photo is proof of the near-impossible:

And then off they went... off to a Caribbean cruise.

And then we all slipped our aching feet out of our shoes and stumbled back to the cars, and spent the rest of the night with extended family at IHOP. :)

From 2010

From 2010

And then it was over.... and we've got one left to marry off on Isaac's side, and three on my side. There's a lot of sisters around here!


Jaimie said...

Cool. I'm about to be in a wedding (my cousin's) where the colors are brown and black. Girl's dresses are brown, guy's suits are black. (And the flowers are purple, orange, yellow...) It's interesting to see those colors here, because I was unsure how they'd look. And they look pretty nice!

Rach (Ake) said...

You look beautiful Kace, as does Steph and Jana and - well - Isaac - some people never change ;)

So fun it was in Chicago and the groom looks like he can't believe his luck!

Damn straight. :)