Friday, June 11, 2010

Forgiveness and Carlos' Story

The College pastor at my church preached a sermon last Sunday about forgiveness. I love it when this guy preaches because it is usually simple, clear, and direct. Sometimes simplicity is the most convicting, eh? It was good to examine my own life in light of Christ's demand that we forgive as we have been forgiven.

He ended the sermon with this video clip, which left me in tears. It's a powerful story, but most of all it left me thinking as I have often over the past few weeks of the shallowness of my own faith. I am barely scratching the surface in this thing called knowing and loving God, and yet usually I am so self-satisfied in my own shallowness. I want to long for the depth that is to be found in Christ.

In any case, as I was contemplating this and marveling at the powerful story the video told and wiping away my tears, I looked down three rows at the people filing out and saw Carlos himself, the guy in the video. It was striking to have seen a powerful story and then to see in person a man who had had to grapple with forgiving a man who tortured and murdered his own relatives.

Watch the video, ya'll.

Carlos' Story from Jonathan Culp on Vimeo.

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