Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thoughts today.

It's not theology, but I wanted to write on the slightly-more-private atmosphere of this blog.

This morning I sent my husband off for two weeks in East Asia. This is the longest we've been apart, and after meeting him over there for five days, we'll be apart again for two more weeks.

The anticipation of a long separation while I'm pregnant with our first child ended up with us laying in bed talking till it was really late, remembering how we met, our first times talking, our first dates.... and marveling that the immature 18 and 19 year old kids somehow made it to where we are today, married five years and having a baby.

I love that man. I really do. Marriage has been a beautiful thing. When we said goodbye at the airport we sat down to pray for each other and Isaac couldn't finish his prayer for the tears, which of course set me off. I marvel... marvel that he loves me, marvel that I have this gift of a relationship, that we are committed to life together...

I just spend a while trying to figure out what happened to a couple we we know - they went to our church and he was on Isaac's floor, she on mine for a while. They've split or divorced or something, and his writing is filled with regret and wishes for reconciliation. The kids are shuttled between the parents.

I grieve for their tragedy, their loss.

Marriage is a great mystery that I do not have an answer to.


DebD said...

You're pregnant! How utterly wonderful and beautiful. congratulations to you both. I pray you have a smooth pregnancy. And, I hope your trip to Asia isn't too taxing.

Togenberg said...

Reading your thoughts and feelings about your marriage made me really happy!