Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Facebook Status Fun

The World Cup has been my entertainment with my hubby gone. It's made SO much more fun since my friends are from and have lived around the world, and so are passionately rooting for a huge variety of countries. Even a good number of born and bred in America folks are getting into it!

I loved an ESPN blog from Rick Reilly about things that drive Americans crazy in World Cup games. These points made me chuckle the most:
That pesky cerebrum-blowing incessant buzzing sound coming from the TV set. "Babe, something's wrong with the TV," my wife said Saturday. But there wasn't anything wrong. It was the dreaded vuvuzelas, the yard-long plastic horns (voo-voo-zella) that South African fans blow all the time, without rhyme nor reason, when something is happening and when it's not (it's usually not), during timeouts and time ins, during halftime and at the breakfast table and while they're on the bus and while doing their taxes, until you just want to stab two fondue forks deep into your ears and stir. They never stop. It's like having a desk in the center cubicle at American Bee, Inc. They sound like 80,000 yaks getting sick. They are the leading cause of Tylenol sales in the world today.  
The yellow cards. I love the way the refs come running up to the player as though he has just taken out a chainsaw and sawed somebody's hand off. The ref looks very stern and upset. And then all the ref does is snap his little yellow piece of paper out of his shirt pocket and stick it in the offender's face, as though the little yellow card has some kind of superpower. As if to say, "Ha! you are powerless against my little yellow piece of paper, which shows your less-than-average marks from third grade!" I'd love to see that in the middle of an NBA fight. Can you imagine seeing some ref come running up to Rasheed Wallace after laying out Carmelo Anthony with a roundhouse right and sticking that yellow card right in his face? He'd soon be digesting it through his ear hole. 
The ties. In the NFL in the past 10 years, there have been two ties. As of Tuesday morning, in the first 11 games of this World Cup, there have been five ties. You will not see more ties at a J.C. Penney's Father's Day sale. I hate ties. Doesn't anybody want to win in this sport? All these ties are about as exciting as a Jonas Brothers roundtable on sex

I check facebook constantly to watch the game updates and the opinions and insults flying. I've saved a few over the last few weeks:

American Friend from College: according to the last 155 status updates I've determined a couple things... Someone, somewhere scored something; The word goal no longer is limited to 4 letters; USA is the most superior country in the world; and none of you people have jobs.
Me: PHew. A cheer went up around my office when the US scored, revealing that a good number of people were not actually doing work on their computers but rather watching the game. lol. ;)

Brazilian Friend: Sometimes my heart is red and blue but most of the time is yellow and green and it even beats faster.

American Friend:  so my piano student canceled her lesson today so she could watch the world cup. I approve.
US cousin: i still love USA soccer, but maybe next time they should use the 20' before the game to warmup instead of the first 20' of the actual game...those goals that go in do count.
College Friend Living in Germany:  so after the match, everyone drove through Kandern blowing horns, shouting, and having a grand time! So fun to be in Europe during the World Cup!
Soccer Hater Friend, complaining about the World Cup taking over facebook buzz:  **world cup- related status**
In the the middle of nowhere, Papua:  I went to the Nalja (villager) dormitory at 11 PM, and joined about 100 students there in watching the US play Algeria in the World Cup tournament. The US won by scoring in the last two minutes, 1-0, and advances to the final 16 team playoff!
Friend that grew up overseas:  More nervous about the USA game then I am about my Tetanus shot.
Friend from Papua: Gonna take the morning off tomorrow to watch some world cup action--and i just might have to make some poop coffee to go along with it ;) (for an explanation, see kopi luwak)
Friend in the military: Let's Go... SOUTH AFRICA!!!!! Beat the POS snooty-no-good-horrible french! *spit on their name*
(side note from Kacie: there was universal hatred for the French team among my friends around the world!)
Friend, after the US loss to Ghana:  I'm going to be depressed for the next 4 years....
Soccer Fanatic friend who live-updates throughout the games: Harsh red card for France. Don't think it is deserved, probably just a yellow. But it makes me laugh anyways. #FranceFail #WorldCup

English Friend: Ha, I wonder if they were paid off by hollywood because the games are on at 1:30pm local time on ABC - thus removing some good daytime drama tv off the air. So hollywood figure instead of watching "all my children" or whatever, these lonely housewives can watch France in the world cup instead. At least that's my theory.... At least the French team look like bad daytime tv to me!

English Friend: Ahead of tomorrows game i'd like to clarify something. After spending almost a third of my life here in the States some of you could be forgiven for thinking that I might be one third cheering for the US, or at least have them as my second favorite team behind England. ... FALSE. COME ON ENGLAND! (lets see the US loose all three!) COME ON ENGLAND!

Missionary, after the US tie with Slovenia: Slovenia must be a very friendly country. They've got the bear hug perfected. Either that or their team song should be "you got me in a stranglehold baby!"

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