Monday, July 26, 2010

One more note about beauty in different cultures...

I forgot to say this on my last blog. Amidst so many conversations about cultural perceptions of beauty, I asked my small group which guys in the class they considered attractive. This school is about 75% female, so there's only a few males around! My girls, who for the most part aren't dating yet, sort of considered the question and then said that there weren't really any attractive guys in the class.

Then they asked me which of the guys would be attractive by American standards.

I looked around and told them that I thought by American standards this guy (who had given himself the American name "Bruce Lee" and consistently cracked me up because he was so clearly and openly in search of a Western girlfriend) would be considered attractive:

My girls dissolved into sighs and giggles and said, "Oh yes, we think so too!"

Hah, so much for there not being any attractive guys around!

You should have seen Bruce Lee during a class assignment to write a Valentine's Day card to anyone. He read his for the class and it was to his imaginary future mother-in-law, a thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter. The girls hung on every word:

Too funny.

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Rae said...

Too funny indeed.