Friday, August 13, 2010

7 Quick Takes - Moments in China

I just had to do a 7 Quick Takes posts featuring photos of some random and funny things in China. For instance....

From china

I just love this shirt. It was on a mannequin in a World Cup display in a Western-style mall in Beijing. I loved the pairing of Nelson Mandela with Obama, the vuvuzelas, the Obama slogan, and the World Cup trophy. Hilarious.

2. Speaking of Obama, I'm not an Obama-hater but this cracked me up:
From china
"good good study, day day up"
No idea what message that is conveying to the Chinese, but my very politically conservative team just LOVED Obama being associated with all things Communist, and took to referring to him as "Chairman Obama". I just kept quiet. :)

3. I just love Chinglish. Of course most non-English speaking countries understandably have a plethora of bad translations, and I never tire of them. For instance, this was on the fire-escape directions outside the elevator at our hotel. Do you think they mean that the staff will ensure your safety in shifts, or the very literal meaning - in case of trouble, the staff will take care of you.
From china

Regardless, there were several times when profanity slipped out of the Chinese student's mouths at rather inopportune moments, and they were always surprised to find out from us that such language is really NOT professional in the US, even if you do see it in the movies all the time.

From china

The very worst English was in a little skit a few students put on. They narrarated their skit on a powerpoint, and the English used in the presentation was dismal...

From china

From china
Babies in China wear pants with a slit right down the middle and no diapers. When you gotta go, you just go... right in the street.

I saw some pretty cute baby carriers out in the city the university was in. They didn't have anything like this in Beijing, but isn't it cute?
From china

Twice we had all of the teachers and students were gathered for a meeting in a big room and we were told there was assigned seating - the groups were seated "together". Come to find that the group leader is in one seat in the first row, and then the students in that group are lined up in one long row behind them. In my mind this is not together at all! It didn't make any sense to me.

From china

7. Three weeks in China. Our flight out of Chongqing was delayed, so we didn't have time to hit up our hotel in Beijing. We found a corner of the airport and slept for approximately two hours before desperately seeking Western-style food when the restaurants opened (by the actions of my team, you'd think Burger King and McDonalds were fine dining!). I love this picture... my feet were starting to swell up, I was exhausted, and I am busy scratching a ba-jillion bug bites on my legs. In fact, you can still see the remnants now, one month later.

From china

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Jaimie said...

Love this post. I wonder if all babies wear that kind of diaper or it's a lower class thing. I bet the richer Chinese don't have them.