Thursday, August 12, 2010

Notes mid-pregnancy...

It's time to take a break from all things China, I think, although I have a few funny posts left in my back pocket. Back to life. Now. In Dallas.

- It has been brutally hot. For nearly three weeks. I keep telling myself that the good thing about it being so hot is that I know that this is the worst, and when it passes it will only get cooler. I look forward to the day when I can get my pregnancy exercise by just enjoying walking in my neighborhood. At the moment stepping outside my door is an unpleasant experience!

- There is a new Asian superstore in North Dallas, not far from my work. I actually found milk powder that is no non-fat... that's all Americans have. This means I can finally try a real reproduction of the milkshakes I used to make in Indonesia. We never had fresh milk so they were always made with milk powder, and I liked them better that way. I also scored some matcha green tea powder and instant Hong-Kong style milk tea packets. Love it.

- Baby is getting big! I feel it too - I grunt when I stand up, moan when I shift from one side to the other in bed, and generally feel unwieldy. I know - it's just the beginning. It's all very manageable still, but I can feel the weight now.

- I actually feel like my pelvis or hips or something is expanding. It aches... that's the only actual pain I've experienced.

- I absolutely love the baby wiggling around in there. It's my very favorite part of pregnancy - feeling the alien-like movements of the little guy. It brings up all these tender motherly feelings. He's been moving ALL day today. I wonder - do they ever throw a fit and try to cry in there? Obviously they wouldn't produce any sound, but I wonder...

- Speaking of feelings, I think those pregnancy hormones have finally kicked in. Except for when I'm going through a major life transition, I'm generally not a very emotional person and am definitely not a cryer. I was told to expect moods in the first trimester but I didn't really feel much different. Over the past few weeks, though, I've had tears streaming down my face at church, I've had total panic attacks over finances and then corresponding moments of teary joyful rides home from work when things are taken care of... little stories or songs get me all sappy.... yeah. It's sort of fun for a season.

- Also speaking of feelings, I also have moments of pure terror. This pregnancy thing can be so scary. WHAT am I doing? I think I can be a mother? I think I'm ready for this? OH MY GOSH what are we getting into? What's gonna happen? Yeah. I can talk myself out of those moments, but they are definitely there.

- I bought an infant Santa suit. I have visions of baby Santa on his first Christmas morning, surrounded by my family. I'm so cliche. And excited.

- In lieu of Isaac being on summer vacation and the state of our finances, we have taken advantage of cheap entertainment. Every Tuesday night of the past three weeks we've hit up 50 cent movie night at the local theater. I thoroughly enjoyed A-Team, and I never even saw it as a kid. At home I watched Babette's Feast, an old and extremely slow Danish movie with this deliciously redemptive and humorous ending. It was my kind of movie.... you know... the kind the vast majority of people think is extremely boring. ;)


Amy B. said...

Babette's Feast is one of my most favorite movies!! All the best for the remaining days of your pregnancy. :o)

Rae said...

I'm sorry about the heat! I hope TX decides to chill out soon (not that that is likely).

I like your mixture of emotional overall and scared and excited in describing pregnancy. It seems real.