Monday, September 6, 2010

Change is coming....the expectation of life change

I can feel change coming.

I have been in holding mode for a long time. Three years in Dallas, maybe you can even count before that. It hasn't been purposeless time, since Isaac has been moving through his graduate degree, I've been gaining work experience, catching a vision for my own career and future, and I've learned a lot and built friendships.

However, in terms of working forward in my personal life, I felt like I was standing still, helping Isaac push forward, and just waiting.


This Fall is the calm before change, I think. It is a good time for change to come. I know Dallas now, and though I may not think it's the most fabulous city in the world, it is now familiar and I know it, and that is invaluable. I'm surrounded by friends and I know my work. Isaac and I have been married for five years. There is a stability that has developed after all this waiting.

Somewhere between the end of November and the beginning of December when this little Peanut arrives, things will change. I'm glad you have nine months of gentle growth and reminders of the coming presence of someone who will pretty much take all your time, sleep, and energy after he/she arrives. I'm excited but nervous too, and I imagine heading back to work and school after the Christmas break will be pretty difficult for us. We'll probably be exhausted, and depending on how this baby sleeps and eats, could be super stressed out too.

And then, as the months pass and we adjust to life as parents, when the little guy is a year old Isaac will graduate and the next stage of life will hit - whatever that is. I can just feel the gears start turning... with the arrival of one child it's likely that another will follow before too long. My graduate degree, Isaac finding a teaching job...

The waiting will soon be ending.

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