Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It was here

It was here, in the lobby on the bottom floor of Cubly Hall, that I first spotted and met Isaac, the new guy from England who had curly dark hair, was loud and boisterous, and whose sister was my boss.

William Culbertson Hall - Moody Bible Institute  - Chicago, Illinois - August, 2008 - 002a

It was here, at the Chicago Celtic Fest, that we had our first date, which was somewhat unintentional. It was meant to be a group event and everyone else cancelled on us.... so we went alone. And then lingered. Around the city. For hours. Talking and talking.

Grant Park

We sat and talked  here afterwards (garden at the Chicago Art Institute):

Art Institute, South Garden

It was right here, at a little two-person table at the windows on the left side of the Starbucks, that Isaac bought me coffee and asked me to be his girlfriend... just after coming back from Christmas break. It was the beginning of several years of free Starbucks for me.... ;)

State and Pearson.jpg

...our table looked out over this view of the classic Chicago burger joint that has been a Moody staple for years and years.

The day he first kissed me we were here (or at least, close to here), overlooking the Chicago river.
Vertical or horizontal

Chicago River From Wells

And it was here (three years to the day he asked me to be his girlfriend) that Isaac took me on an anniversary date, again right after Christmas break.

Grand Lux Cafe - Michigan Ave, Chicago IL

We were sitting in that second floor big bay window overlooking the Magnificent Mile and the Christmas lights when Isaac first told me he loved me.


The beautiful decor swam together when he dropped to one knee a minute later and asked me to marry him.

The Lens of Valpopando

Six months later it was here, at a 100-year-old formerly Swedish Baptist Church, a few blocks from the Cubs stadium, that we said "I do"...
seeking worship

My... how time flies.

All of this reflection is because this week marks eight years since the day Isaac pulled me out of an all-nighter of work at the school newspaper office to tell me that one of our friends had just given him a hard time about the two of us, and the friend said that everyone was just waiting for us to finally just start going out already, and what was Isaac waiting for? Isaac, being male, was completely dumbfounded that this was the perception of our entire group of friends, and what did I think about it?

Note.... single ladies, this is a male way of bringing up a topic he wants to bring up, but wants to give himself an out in case she doesn't feel the way he thinks and hopes she does. I took the bait, had mercy on him, and let him know I was interested as suspected...

Eight years. Three years of dating, five of being married. And now we're havin' a baby.

The whole growing up and being adults and living life part still scares me.
But life with Isaac doesn't scare me. I love it. I couldn't have picked someone more fun if I'd tried.


*final thought... I wonder if my stomach will ever be that size again, or have a crossed a bridge, never to return?


Amy B. said...

Regarding your last question: If you are blessed genetically, your stomach will return to that size, or maybe even smaller if you are really lucky and if you breastfeed! But don't count on it! I know I am only 2 weeks postpartum, so things are still in the process of recovering...but I am almost all the way back to my pre-pregnant weight (about 3-5 pounds to go), yet my stomach is DEFINITELY not the same. And maybe never will be. :(

Oh well, I'm a mommy now!

junglewife said...

Congratulations! I love all the pics and memories of Chicago!!! Dan and I spent a weekend there this summer, and I realized how much I love Chicago. I'm not sure I'd want to live downtown, especially with kids, but I do love the city... and I didn't even live there! I only visited Dan when he was living on Culby 6 :-)

Oh, and the stomach question... my issue is more the butt size! I've had trouble losing the weight especially after Claire (and gaining some furlough weight!!!) but i hope to start cracking down on myself when we get back to Wamena and there's not as much temptation :-)

francesblank said...

Oh Kacie, I love your story because I know the locations. Such a beautiful city. Thank you for sharing and giving us all warm fuzzies.