Friday, October 29, 2010

7 Quick Takes



I got the sweetest phone call from my sister Joy this week. She was in a class that went on a rabbit trail and ended up discussing the role of bridesmaids and groomsman, and how it has become just a pretty face and an honor to friends, a degeneration from what it used to be. The professor talked about the ancient tradition of kings having their most honored and trusted knights at their wedding as the protectors and defenders of the marriage and the wife.

I agree with where the professor took the discussion in terms of the church. For us, being in a wedding is like being a witness to a covenant in the way the Old Testament used to show. Witnesses were legal witnesses but also were responsible to be sure the participants hold to the covenant. That's what I consider my duty when I'm in a friend's wedding. I'm watching their covenant before God, and I'm responsible to walk beside them in that, both to be there for them to fight for their marriage if they struggle, and to call them out if one of them is walking away from their promise. I am not just a friend. I am a witness... before God.

So in any case, I totally agree with that, and was so touched when my sister called and said that she'd been thinking about all of that, and how when she was in Isaac and my wedding five and some years ago (we both have three sisters so we formed a "sister party" with three sisters on his side and three on mine), she was pretty young and didn't necessarily get the significance, but now she wanted to let me know that she's committed to being that support and witness for our marriage.

Love it, and so appreciate her heart.

The Rangers are in the World Series. Actually, I think Isaac and I are good luck. We don't care a think about baseball, but after we moved to Chicago the White Sox finally won for the first time aaaaaages, and after moving to Dallas the Rangers finally got into the series for the first time ever. Dallas is so excited. I feel out of the loop since we don't have TV and I haven't even watched a game. However, this week my boss (who has had season tickets for 19 years and this year made bank off the block of seats he holds and got to sell for the series) threw a Rangers party for our office, complete with barbecue, beans, and an elaborate Rangers cake. There were baseball hats and jerseys all over the office, he was absolutely beaming, and we sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" before cutting the cake. SO FUNNY and cultural... hah!

The only way I DO relate to this whole Rangers thing is that when we were kids my brother had a baseball card collection and Nolan Ryan was his very favorite player. When we came back to the US we went to a Rangers game in Dallas. It was Rangers vs. Angels, but everyone rooted for the Angels because Ryan was playing for them at that point and he was being inducted into the baseball hall of fame at the end of the game. The stadium (both sides) just LOVED him, and now it's funny to remember Ryan's induction as he leads the team he now owns into the World Series!

Last weekend we celebrated Isaac's birthday, and it was so fun. I love giving presents and planning special days. He'd requested steak, and I managed to find a manly steak place that was reasonably priced, someplace I'd probably never go on my own, hah! Isaac loved it, and then I swept him away to a movie and finally got to see Inception, which was fantastic. And then I surprised him with an overnight stay at a local hotel, which was a gift from some sweet friends to us and I'd taken the opportunity to use it for Isaac's birthday. It was just so great - to be away, on our own, probably for the last time for a year or so until this baby gets older! It was actually really cool because there were major storms east of Dallas and I watched the lightning storm from my window. AND I got to have a leisurely Monday morning and go in to work late since they'd painted our walls at work over the weekend and were moving our furniture back into place that morning.

And... I'd guessed on a pair of jeans and a new school/laptop bag for Isaac, and with both hit right on the mark with something he loves. Score one for me!

I voted! I had compared candidates via the Liberty Institute voting guide (which highlights hot-button political issues that the church cares about) and the Dallas Morning News electoral guide (which highlights current high-button issues in state politics). There is major lethargy in my age group about this election, but I really care because I think our state politics are crazy right now, and I really do care about our governor and congressmen! Isaac is being completely lazy, and for all his talk about how important it is that most issues be taken out of the hands of the federal government and put in the hands of the state, he currently does not care about state politics *insert mental picture of me with my hands on my hips, lecturing him in disbelief*. In any case, I went ahead and voted early, and was met by about five people holding signs saying "Ready for change? Vote Republican!" Which I find ironic, because all but one race is a purely Texan race rather than for any position in the US government, and Texas is currently run by Republicans, so really if we actually were pushing for change in this election we should be voting Democrat!

In any case, I voted all over the place. I think I was almost evenly split between Republicans, Democrats, and Republicans.

Yesterday I was manning a booth and talking to a bunch of strangers at events. I always love that - you can guarantee a few interesting conversations. My favorite this time around was when someone took a look at a photo on one of our materials that was obvious of a Muslim man and said, "Oh wow, you're working with them? Those Muslims, they've changed, they're killin' people now."
Hah... there's so much about that statement.... a) Some extremist Muslims have always killed people, that is nothing new. b) Extremist Christians have always killed people too, lets not point fingers here. c) Not all Muslims are killing people. I could go on. But anyways, the fear of Muslims around the US is really strong these days....


Five weeks. FIVE WEEKS! IF this baby is early, I could have a baby in my arms in a month. CRAZY.


Ehh... I'm out. Nothing for #7.

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point number 5 - i always thought people that went around saying those things were imaginary and didn't really exist. eek.