Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby Shower!

** I accidently posted this yesterday, uncompleted, so those of you with RSS feeds may be seeing double. Sorry!

Sooo... I have this roommate. Steph. (Oh yeah, Isaac and I have roommates - we live with another couple)

Steph is an artist at heart. And a planner and a dreamer and an organizer. One of her first comments after she found out I was pregnant was to ask if she could throw me a baby shower.

Side note: I love the tradition of wedding and baby showers. It's not as big in other Western countries, but I just love that sense of community and friends and family gathering around to make sure a couple has what they need to enter a new stage of life. Very cool.

But anyways, back to my roomie Steph and her baby shower plans. Here is Steph's dillema. She is SO talented and sophisticated and so when she began planning a "baby shower" she came up with all kinds of extravagant ideas for decor and themes and how to essentially throw what I would say is like a sophisticated celebrity baby shower. Of course, I didn't need a super fancy baby shower, but I think it nearly killed poor Steph to have to plan this party on a budget and not to the vision in her head. I still so didn't deserve the beauty she put into this (and I'm kinda glad I don't know what you spent, Steph, or I'd probably feel awful, lol)!

And then... I have this amazing small group that I talked about recently on my other blog. The girls gathered together and created this amazing spread of food and sweets for the shower.

Lauren has some significant baking talents, I tell you. I LOVE her desserts, and I had multiples of her cupcakes. And Christian showed off her hidden talents and made these cute cookies:

I just love it! There was beautiful decor that can't really be caught on camera, and I'm extremely happy to be living with some of the remnants!

(funny, at my bridal shower someone made a towel cake - it's becoming a theme).

There were hilarious games, like the whole smell-and-guess the baby food game.

Or... guess how big Kacie's belly is:

Or... speed diaper a doll blindfolded....

And ..... and gifts.

Beautiful baby stuff that is just adorable and Isaac and I both melt over at the thought of OUR baby using or wearing these cute little things! And things like diapers, wipes, strollers, and wraps.... things that help SO much with us trying to prepare for a baby while paying those crazy medical bills I've talked about.

And then there was just the fun of having a mix of friends together. Of course half my friends are across the country and world, my work friends are mostly coming to a work shower, and a my high school girls that I mentor were prepping for homecoming, but it was so fun to bring together friends from different areas of life and have them meet each other. Precious, fun women that have blessed my life.... here's a few photos:

Linda, who became one of my closest friends in high school AND was my roommate in college, drove over from where she lives a few hours away:

Chelsea and Jessica, friends from work:

Sabri and Lauren, two of my precious small group girls:

AND my sister Joy drove down from college to spend a few days of her fall break with us, and managed to get in on the last few minutes of the shower and meet everyone. Gotta love the college sweats as contrasted with the purple dresses of half the girls at the shower:

So yeah... I had a baby shower. I had to tell myself beforehand just to enjoy and accept the celebration and gifts, because I can tend to just feel unworthy and guilty for being given so much... both in the way of physical gifts and peoples' time and attention and friendship. I am so thankful for them... all of them. That's been a theme these past few months - deep thankfulness for my work community, my small group, etc. You girls are so great.

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