Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drink obsessions

When I come back from an overseas trip I go through this phase where I'm always making whatever drink is popular wherever I've just been.

For instance, I was introduced to the omnipresence of a cup of tea on my first trip to England. Now we always have it around, but I make it constantly after a trip there.

tea for two

Of course, it's not as good as a full cream tea!

When I went to visit my family in South Asia there was chai everywhere, all the time. It was .... amazing. I came home and made chai all the time for a while.

Masala Chai - Masala Tea - Indian Tea - Chai Tea - ชาอินเดีย

Of course it's not quite the same without fresh naan and daal.... and really proper chai is pretty labor intensive, so I rarely make it anymore.
Lunch special at Pakwan


We came home from China this summer with plenty of green tea that had been gifted to us. It was everywhere in China often with awesome mugs. I don't make it constantly, but considering I never had green tea before, having it even semi-regularly is a change!

Tea break

More more tea

HuTong oolong tea

Eventually my drink obsession evens out and I take my pick between my options. Milk tea? Green tea? Espresso with cream? A cuppa? Sweetened Indonesian tea? Chai?

Yes.... I have a thing for drinks.


cclarebear said...

the best thing about tea is that it's a natural appetite suppressant. nom.

Anonymous said...

A cuppa for sure!

Nick said...

I do this too! My favorites are Nimbu Pani (from India - lime juice with sugar and water) and Moroccan mint tea (green tea with fresh mint leaves and plenty of sugar). So don't worry - you're not the only one with the drinks obsession!

Bethany said...

I am a total chai girl :) I looooove Sbux chai but try not to splurge on it too much. I do like regular tea, too :)