Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feasting with God

The Rabbit Room always has artsy, interesting posts. This past week there was a post I loved about one person's experience of getting so wrapped up in their grappling with God intellectually that they'd missed the experience of the Person of God.

God, I finally realized, is not merely a thought I must think, or a proposition I must know. For the first time in weeks, I had tasted good food and rested. I had spent time in the fresh, green glory of the garden, seen the myriad colors, tasted the fresh, fresh air. For almost the first time that summer, I’d had a personal conversation, I had exchanged stories, doubts even, with a friend. And I’d been still. Quiet finally had a chance to still the frenzy of my thoughts.

Sitting there in the moonlight, I came to the knowledge I had so hungered to find. God is the lover and maker, the friend and creator. He reveals his goodness in the tastable, touchable wonder of his world. His love is felt in the fellowship of his people. His joy is what sings in the wind and spices the best wine, and glimmers in the gold of sunset. In the savor of feasts, the cadence of seasons, in apples crunched and friends touched, God is known for the eternal Good that he is.

But I had lived apart from that goodness all summer. I had tried to know God by thinking about him. By working for him. By saying the right things about him. All the while, I ignored the earth and people God made so that I might know his soul. To grasp truth is vital, and I know it is something that must be taught in an age of such spiritual confusion. But truth must be enfleshed by love and beauty, or it will ring empty to the soul. Beauty known and people loved are the great ways that God offers his hands to us while we sojourn here in the earth. By loving, by feasting, by touching his beauty, we grasp him back and let him fill our hearts with joy. Two months of study couldn’t give me what one night of feasting could, because I was made to touch and taste and see the goodness of God.
I love that. I am a high "F", a feeler on the Myers-Briggs scale. So, sometimes, this is easy for me. A dear friend once asked why God isn't found at the bottom of a bottle of fine wine, and I exclaimed, "He is!" I think what is beautiful and good is a reflection of our God, and when we correctly see them as the character and creativity of our God lavished on our world, that is when we are able to most appreciate those things. And oh, how our tired souls are lifted when we relish what is good in life.

Sometimes I can be too tied to logic and analysis and intellectual understanding. Sometimes those things can bring you to worship too, though. Sometimes it's difficult to grasp the beauty of God at all, when we are worn or sick or walking in darkness.

I wish to be someone that revels in the love of God, and that pushes me to revel in the beauty shown in life and love as well.


CM said...

I love this thought. I also love that not only is He in the feast, but also in the famine. Sometimes, in the hard times, I try so hard to find Him, or so hard to make the situation better, or at least make myself feel better (because, of course, I must not be truly trusting God if I can't feel good about whatever I might be going through). Then I realize I don't need to get out of pain to find Him. He's right there in the midst of it. Sometimes that's the only way to get through it, to rest in Him while in the pain.

Jaimie said...

Beautiful passage. Thanks for sharing.

Young Mom said...

I love this thought too, it's kind of a new way for me to think about God in the last few months, and I've grown alot from it.