Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Texas State Fair

This is the beginning of our fourth year in Texas, and our third trip to the famed Texas State Fair. The annual fair has been held at Fair Park in Dallas since 1886. It's the most attended state fair in the country.

I love going because it's so... Texas. The people watching is fantastic.

Big Tex:
Big Tex, Texas State Fair, Dallas

Fair Grounds:
Fair Grounds with the Ferris Wheel 1

Lifestock. The funniest livestock thing is the pig races, which we skipped this year but enjoyed other years. Hilarious to see these little piglets tearing around a race track towards the food on the other side, and masses of people cheering madly.
Livestock Judging

There are a bunch of car and craft displays. I'd heard there was a butter sculpture and I pictured some sophisticated intricate sculpture in my head. The reality made me laugh in just how Texan it is:
From Fall 2010

There's also football games held at the Cotton Bowl and live concerts. It's also a little stressful to go. You pay for entry, you have to figure out parking, you navigate the crowds, you still battle the Texas heat, and you pay out the wazzoo for deep-fried crap.

BUT.... you can also hang out with friends:
From Fall 2010

And get in on the latest famous thing about the Texas state fair.... crazy fried food. They make a sport out of it, it's amazing.

Making Fried Snickers

Like say... Deep Fried Snickers:
Deep Fried Snickers Bar

Or Isaac's favorite this year, Fried Frito Pie:
Fried Frito Pie

The only one I get every year is the famed Fletcher's Corney Dog, which is the best corn dog I've ever had:
From Fall 2010

State Fair Of Texas 202

This year's most unusual is Deep Fried Beer, which I did not try and also highly doubt was any good. Most of the "most unusual" each year are totally disgusting:

Deep Fried Beer

Some of the crazy fried desserts are probably good, but I can only try one before I'm overwhelmed. For instance:

Fried Cheesecake:
Fried Cheesecake

Yeah. Like I said, I mostly do a corny dog, try some of one of Isaac's desserts, and then look for a drink.

This year.... my preggo self survived the Texas State Fair:
From Fall 2010


Rae said...

You're so cute! That is way too much fried stuff for me though.

I linked to your more recent birth costs posts. I assume that is fine with you, but if it is not, please let me know and I'll delete that part of the post. Thanks!

cclarebear said...

Can I just say, I love how the deep fried snickers bar is topped with icing sugar. Because you know, it needs it and everything.

Jaimie said...

You look fabulous!

Camels & Chocolate said...

I'm not a fan of fried food (and I call myself a Southern girl), nor do I like beer, but the thought of deep fried beer intrigues me just enough that I would HAVE to try it! Did you sample it, despite your pregnant status??

Kacie said...

haha, I did not sample it but I heard it was an epic fail of an idea that most people thought was disgusting. Another one I heard about was a deep fried margarita. Or chicken fried bacon. Deep fried smores... now that's more up my alley!