Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This is what Student Ministries in Texas looks like.. .

Cowboy hats. Cowboy boots.


Braids... plaid shirts...




Line-dancing. Country Music.



Well... okay.... that's most certainly NOT a normal student event in preppy Dallas world. Still... it is sort of crazy that I live in a place where most of the students actually have cowboy boots, even if they don't wear them regularly! This was our Western-themed high school event, The Draw.

It was a turning point for my group! They brought BOYS (initiate heart-attack on the part of us leaders), and one was a new boyfriend, ANd they danced with them. It was actually so funny, watching the boys attempt to get up the courage to ask a girl to dance, and the hilarious facial expressions when the girls found themselves on the dance floor in an all-new situation.





Yes.... they're growing up! Last year they didn't even speak to the boys at most events, and the boys acted as though the girls didn't exist. This year we had the agonizing experience of watching the familiarity of holding hands and arms around each other that still seems SO WEIRD to us!

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Rae said...

Okay, but I want to see pictures of *you* dressed up in your TX-getup. :-)

And somewhat randomly, someone just replied to one of your comments on my blog from May!