Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Growing Up In The Tropics

I have been working on sending in my old VHS home videos to imemories.com and compiling them into digital format so that I can end up with dvds and edit them.

It's always quite a trip, these old videos. Some family videos make my laugh so hard with the hilarious things my little siblings said or did, or my goofy dad and brother. The videos that I made with friends are sentimental and sometimes make me catch my breath in awe of the life that I actually lived. Like say... this video.

It's a friend's video, taken on my last beach trip to the beach we often spent weekends camping at. It's beautiful - white sand, palm trees. You can see the rustic camping set up, the fresh catch from the night diving the boys did the night before, and even a clip of me, smiling at the camera from by the orange tarp halfway through the clip. The ending, though, is what really made me catch my breath. The sun sets as one of the boats carrying our camping gang pulls back out into the water and it is STUNNING....

In fact, in the clip just before this clip on the video, my dear friend Rachel is watching another gorgeous sunset on the previous evening and calls to us, "Let's go swimming in the sunset!" I remember it, I remember running into the warm water that was red-gold in the light, and basking in the richness of that moment. We left the country a few days later.


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cclarebear said...

that is very cool. i just said to vic - "i'll take you there. do you wanna go?" :)

Erin said...

Beautiful - I love it. Such beautiful memories to go back to.
I love the mix of accents and the crabs and the machete (we use to call them 'bush knives') - they're invaluabel in the tropics :)