Friday, November 12, 2010


I was shocked to find out recently that some people still think only sells books.

No, it sells EVERYTHING! It's truly a one stop shop, and it's generally got great sales and discounts, free shipping for a lot of orders, and just a great layout. I love their recommended products based on what you browse and buy, and I really love their wish lists and registries. I registered at babies r us for baby stuff, but I love the internet-based shopping of amazon, love that you can rate and comment on what you want, see the ratings of other consumers and similar products to each item...

So great.

Isaac and I also use to keep up wish lists, which is perfect when your parents and families live far away and once or twice a year you get that question, "What do you want for Christmas?" or "What do you want for your birthday?"  I'm awful about thinking on the spot and I say things like... "Umm... jewelry and music."

That, of course, is a vague and unhelpful answer, because no one knows what KIND of jewelry and music you are currently into if you've been living apart. Enter wishlists, where Isaac and I add ideas of things we want year-round and thus have a go-to list of desired (and random) items and a variety of price ranges.

Josh Turner - Haywire (Official Album Cover)Some items on my list have been on there for years because they aren't something I'll go out and buy for myself but would love to receive. For instance.... Gretchen Wilson's Here for the Party cd. Or Mark Galli's book about Christian liturgy.

I've got obscure books that you can't find at most bookstores but that I want to read, music I want, a flip video camera, one of the sweet little leather ESV Bibles (since I spilled coffee on mine.... a common downfall for my travel bibles), a memory foam matress topper, a murder mystery group game...

...a silpat, to avoid having to wash pans after cookie baking:
Silpat = Love

.... Aveda Smooth Infusion Products:
Aveda Smooth Infusion Line

Coffee beans, good ones, especially decaf:

Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans - 1 Kilo

....Matcha powder, so can make amazing things like this:

Matcha Cocoa Cupcake

....a splatter screen, to save the need to deep clean the kitchen every time I cook on the stove-top:

Odor Absorbing Splatter Screen

Jewelry is harder, since the best stuff is in etsy. Stiff, I find some on amazon!

It's a Small World Necklace

my latest addition? Boots. Cowboy boots. Because I'm a sucker.

Cowboy boot

So. I love I love it for Christmas shopping, for wish lists, etc. Even if people don't buy there, it gives them good ideas.

So... what's on your Christmas list?


Jaimie said...

I like how timely this post is considering all the hate about listing that "How to" pedophile book. (Which they ended up taking down.)

I love Amazon too. Right now I have Brideshead Revisited on my wish list. And a Kindle.

Bethany said...

My mom asked for Christmas present ideas and I have no idea. The only thing I could think of was a down comforter from IKEA but apparently they are over $100 so nope, not going to happen!

I am a fan of Amazon too but use it mostly for books :)