Saturday, November 13, 2010

Life.... three weeks before the baby is due

- Expectation. Since my Dr's appointment last week when she told me I was starting to dilate, I've moved from contented pregnancy mode to "HE'S ALMOST HERE!!" I'm almost at 37 weeks, which is full-term. My due date is nearly three weeks away. This morning my sweet friend that was due a month before me had a baby girl, and there was much rejoicing around the office, and now the question is when I'll pop. I've calmed down slightly and I think ideally baby will wait until the day after Thanksgiving. Mom arrives on the 24th and I'd love for her to be here for the birth, it'd be great to get through Thanksgiving, and then bam.... baby time!

- Bringing Life into a Broken World. This week several sobering things hit in the midst of all the expectation mentioned above. One was driving past the body of someone that had jumped off the High Five overpass in Dallas and committed suicide - I happened to see the body as I drove by though the police had been on the scene for a while. It was very sobering, and for a couple of days and a couple of reasons I spent some time just thinking about bringing a child into a very broken world. My son will suffer, and life will hit him hard at times. It is in some ways odd that we get so excited about bringing these little babies we love into such a hard place. On the other hand, despite the brokenness I ultimately have hope, and believe in the ultimate purpose of all of this, including the suffering. It reminded be to pray again that my son will, above all else, grasp the hope that Jesus offers.

- It's FALL! The trees are changing, the air has a chill in it on most days, and Dallas is beautiful. I love it. Love the red cups at Starbucks, the pumpkin and apple flavored everything, and the return of scarves and long-sleeves. It means Thanksgiving is coming, and my mom and Matt are coming, and the baby comes, and Christmas comes, and ... yay! Really... when I drive past the red and yellow leaves I so often catch my breath... beauty amazes me.

- The suggestions from the Commission to reduce the deficit are pretty impressive. It's not particularly partisan and it takes the problem seriously and suggests big cuts. I really hope Obama backs many of the cuts and that congress also takes it seriously.  If it goes through it will be HUGE.

- I think we've got everything we need for baby. Pack n play, with sheets and a changing table with a cover? Check. Car seat? Check. Hospital bag packed? Check. This week I met with a pediatrician and loved the practice, so that is taken care of now.

- My reading recently has been Ahmed Rashid's book The Taliban. It is SO interesting, especially because it was published in 2001 right before the planes hit the towers and we invaded. The timing is amazing. The chapter on Bin Laden is just.... so crazy... considering what he was about to become to the US, and what he still is now. I'll post on it on my other blog when I'm finished.

- I had jury duty this week. I was excited about it - I would actually love to be on a trial. I figure we need people who care to really think about and make fair judgements in trials, and I'd like to offer my services. My conclusion, though, is that the system is lame and my jury duty day was super boring. Like 400 of us stacked in a room, waiting for hours. Every few hours they'd call a span of numbers to go in and see if they qualify for a certain case. In the end every day only a handful of people will serve on a jury, and yet 400 or so will wait all day? Lame. Why can't this be done online? The qualifications for jurors on the case should be put online, you should be able to answer the questions online and if you qualify, THEN you come in for that case.

- I'm losing/have lost my desire to cook. I did really well at continuing to plan meals and cook all through this pregnancy, but as of this week I am SO unmotivated. Too much work! I've got to buy quick and easy things for the next couple of weeks, I think.

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Bethany said...

I can't believe the baby's arrival is so close!

I really enjoyed jury duty...for a week and then was glad to get back to work! It was a little different than what you had to do, I guess. :)