Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pregnancy pics with the end in sight!

Today I had an appointment with the doctor, and now suddenly it all feel imminent and I am all expectation. I had my first pelvic exam and was shocked when the doctor said I'm beginning to dilate! I just haven't been thinking at that level yet - I have another friend due today and she's a centimenter dilated.... and my due date is a month away. Now I'm organizing and planning like crazy, just in case.

So... now that we're at the end, here is a progression of pregnancy photos.

This is the first full body photo I have of me pregnant:

That's me watering my plants right before rushing off to a wedding. I know, I'm not showing, and we'd only just started telling people. BUT... let me tell you, that dress was TIGHT. I could barely breathe. In fact, I wore a little shawl thing at the reception and unzipped the dress a bit at the top because I couldn't handle it anymore. Even just a week after that photo I couldn't fit into that dress, which fit perfectly a year ago before at Linda's wedding. My waistline changed really quickly even it took ages to actually grow a baby belly.

There's a little waist bulge there, but nothing that people identify as a pregnancy belly.
Then there was my trip to China, at the end of which I entered the second trimester.  I was gaining a pooch but it just looked like a pooch rather than a baby, which frustrated me:

My girls in China LOVED it - that's one of them with her arms around me:

And then I came home, things got busy, and I didn't take any pregnancy photos for aaaages. Months. Until the third trimester, really. Mostly because Isaac is a poop-face and hates taking pictures.

Now I'm just about five weeks from my due date, so I of course have a belly, and it continues to grow, and I'm totally okay with it so long as it's just belly weight!

Actually, being very pregnant has been pretty comfortable and I haven't felt the dreaded chipmunk cheek weight gain. I've been carrying pretty high and right up front with this first baby (which I guess people say means it's a boy, because EVERYONE guesses that correctly as soon as they see me). People around my office effusively compliment my pregnancy look, which is really SO reassuring to hear.

So this is me, yesterday, a month from my due date.

Ahhhh! I just cannot believe what's happening.


Jaimie said...

I think the chipmunk cheek weight gain is more an Eastern thing. Western girls just never get quite as skinny again. I'd rather that than have a fat face, myself. :P

You look so cute in the pink shirt!

cclarebear said...

OH MY GOD. You are so pregnant!!! Time flies, hey.

If your 9 year old self could see you now... hahahaha

bingkee said...

The first pic with your lovely blue dress doesn't look like you're look great aand lovely even with the bulge...

Rach said...

You are such a cute preggo. Seriously. And I really like that pretty sister of yours. Good looks must run in the family!

Stephanie said...

I *love* this post. It's so funny how these days you look drastically different depending on what you wear. You look way further along in what you're wearing in that last photo than some other stuff you've worn (like that black shirt you wore recently).
Have you packed a bag yet? :) Have you put tarps or blankets in both cars in case you don't make it to the hospital in whichever car it is? :)
I hate to disappoint you, but I can't deliver the baby today. I had to take vicodin for my eye, and that will impair my baby delivering abilities. I know this puts a huge kink in your plans.

The Bald Guy said...

Has it been eight months already! Wow! Good Luck!

Shanda said...

Kacie! You and that baby growing inside of you are SO cute! :) Love it!

Rae said...

So cute, I love it!

nickelo said...

WOW it dose look cute and I can't wait to read what life is like when the baby is here yaya con grats

justaweeblether said...

You are so cute! It has been soooo long since I have been able to look at blogs and when I saw how pregnant you are I thought "is it that time already?!" Where does the time go?