Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Today You have placed Your Word into my hands"

Kimyal New Testament launch in Indonesia from United Bible Societies on Vimeo.

I watched this video today - of the dedication of the New Testament into this particular language near where I grew up. I love the video - I got to be a witness to a ceremony like this at my best friend's village when I was a senior in high school, and to watch the aged church leaders accept these books in tears was incredibly humbling, and watching the people dance and chant and sing was like seeing a modern reflection of Old Testament celebration.

Actually, this particular village and dedication (in this video) is perhaps even more significant, because the first man who came to live and translate and preach was martyred, as told in the book Lords of the Earth by Don Richardson. To see, years later, the Papuans accept the scripture and to see what it means to them... it's incredible.

The pastor's prayer is beautiful:

Oh God, the plan which you had from the beginning regarding your Kimyals, which already existed in Your Spirit, the month that you had set, the day that you had set has come to pass today. Oh my Father, my Father, the promise that You gave Simeon that He would see Jesus Christ and hold Him in his arms before he died, I also have been waiting under that promise, oh God. You looked at all the different languages and chose which ones would be put into Your Word. You thought that we should see Your Word in our language. Today, the day You had chosen for this to be fulfilled has come to pass. Oh God, today You have placed Your Word into my hands, just like You promised. You have placed it here in our land. And for all this, Oh God, I give You praise.

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