Thursday, December 2, 2010

Last things before the baby is born

Ahh... what a week it's been.

I assumed that I'd be like my mom and deliver early, but here we are just a few days from my due date and I'm still plugging along. There's been days that I felt uncomfortable, overwhelmed, tired, and just so ready for this baby to come. Those moment are discouraging. On the other hand, it's been a really fun week in some ways.

- Mom and Matt flew in the day before Thanksgiving, which means we got to have Thanksgiving with family! It was a humble affair, but hey, I cooked Thanksgiving dinner 9 months pregnant, and I'm dang proud of myself. I brined and roasted a chicken (because I don't really like turkey and they're huge) and that was a successful experiment. We also had rolls, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, sweet potato casserole, roasted parsnips, leeks (that's Isaac's request - weird), apple pie, and chocolate pecan pie. Considering it was my first time hosting a holiday meal, it was fun!

- On Thanksgiving as I was preparing our meal I got a long-distance call from my dear friend Rachel in England (one of my maids of honor) announcing her engagement! It was so fun to hear the story and her excitement and to join with her in that voice-to-voice! That means that (finances pending) we'll head to England in the early summer for a wedding, and I've never been to England in the summer!

- Having Mom and Matt here means family time and sharing just a little bit of this pregnancy with them. Matt and Isaac played soccer together, we went on walks, went out for a birthday brunch with friends, and chatted with family across the world via skype. Matt has been pretty matter-of-fact about this pregnancy thing for the most part, but he did get to feel little baby hiccups the other day. The highlight was my Dr. appt today, though, when the little guy kept squirming away from the heartbeat monitor and so we were sent to get a sonogram instead. This meant Matt got to see the little face, spine, and heart, and hear the heartbeat. He was elated. His eyes got big and he had a huge smile on his face as he watched the monitor, and when we left the doctor's office he was literally jumping up and down with excitement. I guess it really made it feel real to him! Super cute and very special for me to see him so excited!

- My birthday gift from my parents was a memory foam mattress topper - something I've wanted for over a year. It's amazing. Now when I get in bed I sink into bed, and I wake up with much less pregnancy soreness.

- Christmas lights! They're up. I love them. I love driving and walking around them.

- This week was a week of intense meetings at work that I had honestly hoped I would miss out on. While I would, of course, much rather be home with a new baby, it has been great to actually have something to do during the day instead of just twiddle my thumbs and count the minutes wondering when the little man will get here. I love feeling involved, useful, and able to contribute to a group goal. AND having catering for meetings has meant I've been able to bring home leftovers the whole week rather than cook or meal plan. Sweet.

- I'm reading Soul Survivor by Philip Yancey and loving it. Seriously. Loving it. Will write about it when I'm finished.

- It's Advent. I'm still catching on to the whole liturgical year thing, and this year it's interesting thinking about preparing for the coming of Christ as we prepare for and anxiously await the coming of our own child. I've been meditating on what I can learn from that, and specifically what it means that Christ is coming. He has come and He will come again, but He is also coming now, in and to us. What does this mean in my life?


Jaimie said...

Guys think about sex seven times a minute, but pregnant women think about their babies seven times a minute, so I guess it all evens out? :P

I hope the kid comes soon!

Kacie said...

I'd say I only got obsessed in the last month, but actually, Isaac has been WORSE than me! He texts me constantly... "baby yet?"

Rae said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about you and praying for you. Looking forward to a baby update (even if it is to say that he's still hanging out inside!)