Sunday, January 30, 2011

Judah-moticons (Notes on motherhood III)

The kid has gained a whole range of expressions that completely crack me up. He's also currently got an impressive double chin, which adds to the hilariousness at times.

So you get.... amused Judah...

Sceptical Judah....

And (most hilarious)... peeved Judah

And (most adorable and irresistible)... happy Judah!

I love love love his smiles. He knows Isaac and I, and when we come into view when he's calm, he gives us big smiles and has started a cooing kind of laugh when we make faces at him. It's incredibly endearing.

His double chin and rolls are pretty funny, but he's actually less funny looking now that he's lost his baby acne and we cut his hair. It's ironic that we had to cut his hair considering he was born almost bald. Well, yes, bald.... on top. But he had a good inch or so of hair on the sides. He was rocking a serious mullet. This was right before we cut it:

I managed to catch the perfect video of him in waking up mode. I didn't wake him up, I'm just prodding on the process... he is like a stubborn sleepy teenager, groaning and stretching as if the process is SO painful.

I just love the kid. I soak up moments with him and I'm aware that it's flying by. He's two months already, and I feel like I've barely blinked. When I think of the span of my life and the span of his life at home with us, this infant period is so small. I am trying to be so intentional about thinking about and treasuring the small moments of him sleeping on my chest, smiling at me as he plays in his crib, and milk drunk with contentment as milk runs down his chin.


Jaimie said...

Aw, his full-on smile is SO cute.

CM said...

Such cute pictures! And those cheeks are awesome; I love babies with chubby cheeks. :)

Amy B said...

WHAT A CUTIE!! Those cheeks don't quit, do they?! I got a kick out of the video, that is EXACTLY how Josiah wakes up. :P

Alysa said...

PRECIOUS video. Oh Kace, YOU HAVE A BABY... that is SO fun. hugs.