Monday, January 10, 2011

Motherhood Notes - Part 1

There's so many little baby things to write about that are nearly meaningless if you feel like you're on the outside looking it at the world of motherhood. I hate it when that happens so I don't want this blog to be totally taken over by the mothering part of my life.... and yet there is so much to process and record from that rather huge part of life at the moment. So. I've decided I'll write posts about the big things sometimes, but for all the little ones I'll keep down to a max of one weekly post of Motherhood Notes.

So... Motherhood Notes Part 1.

My baby is a month old. We took him to the doctor today for his checkup and he's gone from 50th percentile in everything to being 55th for length and head size, but 75th in weight (11lb). Lol... in other words, he's a little chunkster. Also at the doctor's appointment while we were waiting for the doctor and Judah was dressed down to his diaper only and was kicking around.... we had the opportunity to examine his little rolls that are usually covered up in his winter attire. Turns out those rolls are extremely effective at hiding spit-up. SICK. Poor Judah! Smelly cheese curds... nasty. I'm implementing a daily bath from here on out and will be much more thorough at checking those rolls. Hah...

He's way more awake now, though, and spends some time every day just laying there kicking and waving his arms around and watching. He loves lights, he has this adorable little baaaing lamb-like cry when he's not too mad, and his mullet is pretty hilarious. He's had baby acne pretty bad the past two weeks, but the doc said both times that he's fine, don't treat it, and the mullet is actually helping him not develop cradle cap from the baby acne.

I've been soaking up this infant stage because it passes so quickly. I looove to just cuddle with him or hold him up and talk to him when he's awake and responsive. It's fun how he calms to my voice and I can just sit there and talk and he watches me intently. It's surreal to be a mama.

From judah

I've been telling everyone Judah eats like a champ, and he does, but yesterday was our first feeding trauma. I've introduced a bottle over the last two weeks as I've started pumping and he's taken it without a problem and kept nursing without a problem. However, two days ago I fed him with a bottle all day so I could see how much he was eating on average and how much I pump in a full pumping. Then yesterday halfway through the day when I tried to nurse him he turned into a raging angry little baby.... and the same thing happened again at our night time feeding. He was SO MAD... and I was stymiied considering he's never had any problems latching. I'm still not sure... could he just not figure out how to latch after taken a bottle that provides a faster flow and less sucking? Or was he just feeling me and deciding - that's not the one I want - and refusing? I don't know, but dude, it was an hour of trauma as we tried and tried again and again. We'd calm him down, then offer again, and he'd scream immediately. Phew. Stress.

Eventually we just warmed up a bottle. I was outwardly pretty calm for most of it but internally thinking... am I going to lose the chance to nurse him because of his confusion between the bottle and nursing? I'd HATE that. I treasure nursing time. It was so good to fall into bed afterwards and have Isaac wrap his arms around me and tell me it's not my fault, it's gonna be fine, and we're a team. I'm so thankful for his partnership in parenting.

Overnight and in the morning it was obvious that  Judah was sort of getting over the same tendancy, starting out fussy but then latching. The more awake he was, the faster he'd latch. The rest of today - no problem.


It does make me worried about how it will go as I go back to work and we switch between bottles and nursing on a daily level. I'm also trying to figure out how to build up a supply of milk that's big enough to go back to work.

On the other hand, sleeping is getting better. Judah's been giving us four hour stints at night when he's swaddled and in his little vibrating bouncer. I'm actually more tired, but I think that's because family is gone so there's less going on in the day and I just have more time to notice that I'm tired.

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junglewife said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I'm sorry you're having breast/bottle trauma. I remember going through nursing trauma with both my girls, and I wasn't even trying to introduce a bottle! They both went through a phase where there were just issues with latching on, and they would get so frustrated, and I would get frustrated, aargh! Probably around a month to six weeks for when it happened with them, so I would guess that what you are going through is not abnormal! But it sure can be frustrating! Hope it passes for him and you are able to get him used to the transitions between breast and bottle with no problem!