Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things to do before I leave Texas...

I might be leaving Dallas in a year, after Isaac graduates. Maybe not, but if so, I want to have taken advantage of my time here!

So... here are some things I want to have done before we move away from Texas. If you live here and you see something I'm missing, tell me!

Explosion in Austin - FlickrBlog beat StuckInCustoms.com for the Bloggies.  FlickrBlog Aint so great.  This is like the 300.Visit....
  • Mexico. Isaac's never been. This may be the closest we ever come, so we should take advantage of it!

  • Austin. Because it's hippie and amazing and I loved it when we visited before. I'd like to spend a weekend.
  • The DTS Christmas Chapel - because it's fun, and we want to take the baby!

Jimmy's Food Store's Italian subs... because it's close to us, incredibly popular, and Italian

Fuel City Tacos: Outstanding
Fuel City Tacos... because everyone talks about them

JD's Chippery cookies.... because I LOVE chocolate chip cookies.

Daddy Jack's seafood... because it's such a cute hole in the wall that would make a romantic date, and I love seafood... and it's right down the road.

Breadwinners for brunch... because I LOVE brunch.

Babe's Fried Chicken... because that's southern.

Is there a BBQ place we should hit up?

Cultural Dallas/Texas...
Watch a movie at the Magnolia or the Inwood theater... because I love art house theaters.
Go to Billy Bob's for country music and line dancing... because I love country music and I HAVE to do this while it's available!
Visit First Friday Flea Market... the largest Flea Market in the country, held on the first Friday of the month.

Places and Events to soak up that we already love:
Our favorite Mexican dive that we've never seen another Caucasian in.
Church... because we're so thankful for the community we've found there!
pic 2
The Katy trail... I love this trail for walking and talking

Day 47 - Good To Be Home
Chuy's ... Tex-Mex at its best
The Angelika theater - my favorite local theater, which serves awesome coffee as well, which makes for a perfect movie watching experience.
The Texas State Fair
The Pearl Cup... my local coffee shop with the perfect latte


Jaimie said...

Chuy's IS Tex-Mex at its best. One of my favorite things to do in Texas is the Blue Bell factory tour in Brenham. Might be kinda far, but maybe you'd pass it (sorta) on your way to Mexico. It's a little over an hour outside of Austin.

Growing up, I also liked NASA, but I'm a sci-fi junkie. I haven't been in a long time, so I can't really recommend it. It could suck now.

Lauren R said...

You can always stay with my parents in Austin if you want to! Also, we are going to get Fuel City tacos today for lunch...I'm so excited! :) We also love Breadwinners and Babe's so we'd love to go with you any time.

Kacie said...

Blue bell factory! That's a great idea. And Lauren, we should do Breadwinners after small group sometime. :)

Kacie said...

Ohh... and a few additions!

Fat Straws... my favorite bubble tea place.

Indian Food... it's everywhere around Richarson and Plano, which I love. YOu can find Indian food anywhere, but there's a good Indian community here, so the food is really good in a few places.

Bethany said...

I've only been to Texas once and was in El Paso. I'd love to go back someday!