Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where the heck do you pump in the office?

Over the last week, I've attempted to go back to work. I'm easing in, but I'm back.

This is great in some ways. I'm with people! I get to chat with my friends. I get to feel like an adult human being in the real world. I get out of the house without the car seat. I come home excited to see the baby. AND I'm so thankful that Judah is with his daddy instead of in childcare. I'm thankful I've been allowed to work from home on Wednesdays and on Friday mornings while Isaac is in class.

It is, of course, super sad to leave Judah, though. I mean truly, it's sad.

Being back at work brought about a new challenge... pumping. I mean, I was already pumping and have already built up a good supply in the freezer, but now I have to pump in the office. This is interesting. My office is in a building that has a policy of having glass doors without locks on them. So. The only rooms around with privacy are bathrooms and storage rooms. The storage rooms don't have outlets, and pumping needs an outlet. The bathrooms have one outlet - right next to the door. So, unless I want to pump for every woman in the building to see whenever they stop by to pee, I needed another option.

So... I found an office that no one is currently in very often. I've covered the glass with a long sarong and put up a sign that warns people to keep out because "work" is in progress. Now, I find it entirely awkward that the whole office knows I'm pumping and has to deal with breast milk being stored in the office freezer... so the best thing to do in awkward situations is find them hilarious... so my keep out sign is decorated with comics (think The Far Side) about breast feeding.

It's interesting. But... so far it's working!


Jaimie said...

I love that comics idea. Just reminds everyone it's a normal part of life. When people are hush-hush about it, that's when it's awkward.

Kelley said...

At my sister's office she has the same dilemma. But they are getting ready to move into a new building that will have a "mother's room." There are laws about providing a room and a separate fridge for mothers but she felt probably similar to you, that it's too awkward to ask for all that just for her.

Bethany said...

Sounds like you found a good way to pump, though- that's awesome! Judah's lucky to have you as a mom :)

matchingmoonheads said...

ha, that's too funny! we recently made an old office a nursing room in our department due to the plethora of pregnant and/or nursing grad students. i can't imagine pumping in the bathroom!

ju.vanderw said...

It's too bad not all states require a private location for mothers who pump. I hear that it's a part of the new health care bill, though. (also, does your pump not work with batteries?)