Sunday, January 2, 2011

Woah... it's a new year

It's sort of just hitting me that this is actually a new year... that 2010 as a full year is over and I'm in a new one that is entirely different. It's crazy to think about this next year. In a year Isaac will finally be DONE with his ThM degree after four years of work. Judah will be a year old (can't believe how fast babies grow up). We might be preparing to move, we'll see.

It's just liable to be quite a year of adjustment as we parent for the first time. I long and aim for gentleness this year. I want to enter motherhood with patience in the midst of my responsibilities and busyness. I don't want to be harried and frazzled and unable to really engage with my son at this stage. I want to be gentle with my husband, not easily frustrated and angered and quick to react. That's not a clear New Years Resolution with defined parameters, but it's my quiet goal for the year. Just to be a gentle mother and wife.
2010 in review:

We visited South Texas (Gonzalez, TX and Austin, TX). I kept working with high school girls through my church and we continued to live with our roomates Asher and Steph.  My sister-in-law got married and we visited Chicago for the wedding. Lost ended! The refugees racked up a nearly $2,000 phone bill. Over the summer I went to China to teach English to college kids. . We announced we were going to have a baby, which led to discussions of birth costs and figuring out what to do about all the decisions that come when you have a baby (and part II of those discussions)! Finally, in early December Judah was born!

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Rach said...

What a good resolution for the new year!