Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nostalgic about snow-ice days...

The last two weeks I've worked weekends and I find myself up at 11pm still finishing projects and communicating on email with other people that are still working. I get in to work and find myself at the end of the day without ever having had time to go to the bathroom.

It's been INSANE. I'm wearing out. I've been able to still give Judah plenty of attention but I think the one that's ultimately losing here is Isaac.

Luckily everyone, including my boss, knows that the pace of work right now is unsustainable. I actually love my work and what I'm doing and who I work for, it's just that there's a lot all at once at the moment (for all of us), and everyone in our office is tired out and pushing the limits. Just one of those times of the year, I think, and extra rough when I'm low on sleep and have a newborn. I've just get to get two projects sent and completed, and then hopefully I'll be able to settle into a routine.

It makes me wish for more snow/ice days!

This was us a few weeks ago:

Isaac and Kacie

Roomie Steph

The little Munchkin in the snow for the first time - he mostly sucked furiously on his pacifier and tried to keep his eyes closed tightly.

Lots of snowball throwing:

Snow angels (I know, it's perfect, right? Yep... apparently the secret is to do it in about two inches of snow over blacktop.)

An attempt to build a snowman, "helped" along by Isaac "adding" snow to the pile, and then hindered by the fact that a baby can only be left in the cold for so long...

It was just so nice for me to have those days at home. Working, enjoying being with family and friends, constantly making hot chocolate... *sigh*.

And... how crazy is this ice?


Jaimie said...

That sucks, Kacie, I'm sorry. Hang in there.

Melissa said...

i love the ice!