Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A piece of China comes to Dallas!

Remember when I taught English in China this past summer?

And remember how we had this crazy birthday party that exploded into the biggest food fight I've ever been in? Well, the birthday girl in all the photos in that post came to Dallas a couple weeks ago! I just think that is so crazy - most of my girls will hardly make it out of their state, let alone to my city in the US. Flora made it over here because that university and a local university were doing a cultural exchange program and she plays the Chinese zither.

Flora's few days here were packed, but I managed to arrange to meet them in their last few hours here while they were shopping at a local mall for souvenirs. It was so fun! What a privilege to show her the baby that was just barely starting to show when I met her.

From 2011

From 2011

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