Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowpocalypse in Dallas

So yeah, whoever planned the Superbowl in warm Dallas is kicking themselves now. It's been insane, four snow days in a row here! The first three were really for ice, thick insane ice that Dallas has no idea how to get rid of. Then this morning, just as the highways were looking clear, a predicted "light dusting" of snow turned into 5 inches or so!

So the pretty fountains in our apartment courtyards were turning into gigantic icicles:

And this morning they looked like this:

Never mind that me slipping out to take those pictures in the morning resulted in me getting locked out of the apartment with a hungry baby waiting for me and me without a coat.... I have SUCH baby brain this week. It's awful. I managed to forget my cell in my office and then lock my keys in the car at the SAME time. And I was making an important phone call and forgot my own cell number in the middle of relaying it... *Sigh*...

In any case, I'm super glad for this week. I had to go into work on Wednesday even though the office was closed, and the drive on inches of ice was super scary. Most people around here have cabin fever (understandably), but since I feel like it's given me a chance to catch up on things and get a little sleep and get time with Judah.

Yesterday Isaac desperately wanted to get out of the house, and so the man who usually hates both walking and hanging out outside begged to go on a walk. Mind you, this is with an infant, in below-freezing weather, with sidewalks that were really like ice rinks. I gave in and off we went. We had to walk on "grass" because at least then the ice broke beneath your feet.

(the ice is so much worse than that now... you can't see the road at all)

And thanks to the Moby wrap, Judah stayed nice and warm.

And we ended up getting a few peaceful hours at our favorite local coffee shop.

Fun fun. I love the snow days and the random hang-out time.

Of course, it's a little striking when my neighborhood today looks like this:

And a friend in Papua posts a photo today that looks like this:

(Yes, that's where I went to school... every day.... that view was mine)


CM said...

Your fountains almost look like some mountain streams that I've seen this winter, what with all the ice and snow!

Erin said...

I love the fountain - makes me think of Narnia when everything froze suddenly (because I have no other experience of snow, lol)

Meanwhile in Sydney we are on our 6th day of over 40 degrees (104 fahrenheit), crazy.