Tuesday, February 1, 2011

thoughts on a snowy/icy morning

It's 7:30 AM and I'm up, having just checked and found out that my office is closed for a snow day, and I can verify from facebook statuses that half of America is in the same boat.

5:30 AM found me in my bed, listening to the ice pellets hit our window in the dark. My back rested on my husband's chest, my baby cradled in my arm, nursing. Surrounded by my family, warm and sleepy, while this winter storm raged outside.

I love this life.

Oh and on a totally unrelated and entirely unsentimental note, on Sunday afternoon I was at the mall, deciding what to order at the food court. I headed to the Cajun spot, and once I had my meal and was waiting for my bubble tea I stopped. Wait.... I thought I went to the Cajun place? Did I actually go to Tokyo Express? Because I was holding my plate of fried rice, lo mein, bourbon chicken, and waiting for bubble tea. I checked the sign. Yes, I was at the cajun spot. I looked at my plate. Bourbon chicken. I actually think that was the only remnant left of the original cajun-ness, because the rest had entirely morphed into Chinese... they even had "tangerine chicken". I'm like, is that supposed to hide the fact that you're serving Orange Chicken at a Cajun place?

And... remember how I said earlier this week that Isaac scores as super-imaginative and I score as overly practical? I was reminded of that when Isaac cooked dinner last night (yeah, he's cooking monday nights now - which is something that has like NEVER happened until this month), and decided he wanted to make pizza. Awesome. So I get home and he's got this awesome pizza on the stove and I ask how he made it. And ... he made it up. As in... crust and all. He just pulled out ingredients and made pizza crust with no recipe. Now, I know all kinds of women that could do this because of years of cooking their own special receipe. That's not the case here... he's just making it up. Flour... salt.. water... get that yeast to rise... etc. I would NEVER be able to do that. I cook and I think I'm at the point where I cook well, but I always cook from recipes and then modify for my own purposes.
And on that note, I leave you with brand new adorable photos of Judah, because yes, I am that woman that takes a ba-jillion photos of her firstborn and will probably slack off with every kid after this.


Rach said...

Nothing wrong with taking a million baby pictures. Nothing at all! I love the iPood shirt.

Jaimie said...

Screw you for living 4 hours north of me and getting freaking snow days. *anger*

He has Kacie eyes.

Rae said...

Yay for baby pictures! You can worry about the rest of your children when you actually have them. ;-)

Annie Peterson said...

Oh Kacie, Judah is SO STINKIN CUTE.

matchingmoonheads said...

ha, i love his onsie! i got my brother a shirt that said that too, with a silhouette of a guy listening to music on a toilet. classy....