Friday, February 11, 2011

What's on my ipod?

I've found a new band I like. The Civil Wars. Someone embedded one of them youtube videos on a blog and I was impressed....

See also their video Poison and Wine... beautiful... and I swear the guy looks like Johnny Depp.

And, on that note... a taste of what's on my ipod today. Any current favorites of yours to share?

Revolution and I've Just Seen a Face from the movie Across the Universe

U2 - No Line on the Horizon - because Isaac's proffs played several songs off the cd in various classes, and thus Isaac got it for Christmas.

My favorite song of last year, Say Hey by Michael Franti

worship cds by Phil Wickham and Shane & Shane (their newest had a bunch that I love)

Delicate by Damien Rice
Actually I've never owned a Damien Rice cd, I've just downloaded a few of his songs that I think are beautiful...

Here Comes the Sun and others by Alonso
This is a cd I bought after listening to a busker while a gorgeous afternoon sun swept over the Thames while Isaac and I and Rachel and Simon sat in front of the Tate Modern in London. I loves his voice and took the risk on the cd, and here I am years later, still listening.

Come to Jesus by Mindy Smith
Recommended on a blog I like... and really a beautiful song. Amazing how my favorite Christman music is all from people that the Christian music industry won't pick up..

Sinatra, Steve Tyrell, and Michael Buble... because I'm a sucker for the classics.

Ben Rector - I first heard Ben when he was the live music for a student ministries event. Now he's grown pretty popular, and I just love his happy sound.

Sara Groves - Station Wagon - Songs for Parents. This is a cd that Amy from A Chase After the Wind sent me after Judah was born. I love it... it makes me teary and it makes me laugh, and encapsulates so many of the emotions I feel in this stage of life. This is one of the songs from the cd that someone made a rather funny youtube video to go with... and actually I think it fits Judah okay as well!

Josh Garrels
Because... he's amazing. No one writes songs like he does

Josh Turner
Finally got Josh's cd for Christmas - seriously the man has SUCH a voice. LIke coffee. Deep and dark, but smooth as butter.

Brad Paisley
My long-time fav country guy... and I'm sorta ashamed to say I get teary every time I listen to this song.

Also... Regina Spektor (another Christmas cd..)

And of course much more, but that's a sampling!

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saraebibb said...

I love Josh Garrels. Also, I've lately been enjoying XX and I think you should check out this cover of the song Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: