Sunday, March 13, 2011

White House Photostream

Ya'll know I just love the White House Photostream on flikr and the glimpses it gives into the inner workings of the White House and the Obama's lives. Here are some of my latest favorites... and I saved some of them long ago enough that I can't remember exactly which occasions they were taken at...


BTW - Obama's watch is pretty lame for a President's watch!

Hole in one for Sasha, maybe? So cute... the family fun.


Interesting, the Presidential signatures on the White House globe. Who did it first and what were they thinking? Yep, this country deserves MY signature right over the top of it...

Clooney is intriguing as an actor that is involved in politics. Not sure I buy it. However, he's a dashing addition to a White House meeting!

Most photos of people meeting with Obama are all about the formal wear. This one made me chuckle, it's with John Favreau, Obama's speechwriter, and a few other guys on the team. They look like college kids in their blue jeans and sweaters, I  love it.

This is while watching a performance by Gladys Knight and I have to say, Michelle looks so stunning.

And this one... well... let's just say this used to be my life. How many hours I spent waiting in a line of servers holding a plate.... yeah...

I would love to be a fly on the wall for this conversation with George Bush Sr...

This is the White House State Dining Room and let me tell you that it's rather unimpressive as formal dining rooms go - most of the places we catered in Chicago were more beautiful. I actually only put it in here to tell the story of the time I was catering a formal dinner at a big museum and they were going to broadcast the ceremony on live television. We had to serve and then shut the doors when the cameras started rolling. Unfortunately it was super unorganized, and when we shut the doors we found out we'd put "sugar bowls" out on all the tables that were actually filled with salt. There were a number of furious high profile guests when the doors opened again!

Ahhh... the Presidential greeting of Hu Jintao of China. Again, Michelle looks stunning.

Fascinating photo. This is the Prayer Breakfast planning team - the second from the left is a congressman who is ordained and is a deacon at his church. The heads bowed, George Washington in the background... I just wonder what was going on there - both between the various people (on opposite sides of the political spectrum) and spiritually.

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Jaimie said...

I don't doubt Clooney's commitment to social causes at all. I watched his interview on Piers Morgan recently. He just seems like a really mature guy; he's not into drugs or the crazy life like a lot of actors. He and his dad are involved in that stuff together. (I forget which country he's trying to shine the spotlight on right now.)

I follow a Michelle Obama fashion blog and everyone is still DYING to see a full shot of that yellow dress. It is incredible.