Monday, April 4, 2011

Judah "sits"

Judah "sat on his own" last week. Or not. You decide. Does this count as sitting?

Okay not really. More like... "hey I'm sitting! Oh wait... I'm leaning... um... help?!"

This is barely even visible, but this is always how Judah falls asleep.

Is it terrible that it always reminds me of this guy from Pan's Labyrinth?

jeepers creepers

(answer: yes)

Secondly, Amanda-Beth wrote about her boyfriend being an anti-hipster, and it cracked me up because ... well... so much of it fits my hubby to a T. For instance:

•He sports neither man-bangs nor some other such Florence Henderson-type 'do.
•His pants would never be mistaken for jeggings.
•He believes cardigans are for Mr. Rogers
•Vintage paraphernalia, in his opinion, is dead people's stuff.
•The artsy-fartsy type annoys the crap out of him.
•He doesn't know what an "etsy" or an "urban outfitters" is.
•His glasses are functional, nothing more.
•He has not had a philosophical phrase/symbol tattooed anywhere on his person.
•The only time he uses the word "progressive" is in relation to sanctification.
•He weighs more than 100 pounds.
On that note, I tried to convince the man to branch out in his outfits or haircut recently and he would have nothing to do with it and adamantly insisted that it just isn't him. I pointed out that in college he alternated between a 'fro, bleaching his tips, etc. This, however, is apparently ancient history and he has firmly landed into the comfortable identity of a bearded seminary nerd. It'll be interesting to see what happens after this stage.


justaweeblether said...

Sounds like MY husband! :)

CM said...

I thought the picture of Judah sleeping was way cute, but now the other one's going to give me nightmares!