Thursday, April 21, 2011

Most Popular Old Posts

It's intriguing to see which posts from years ago that people keep finding and coming back to. Actually it may have to do with which posts I actually label with buzz words, so I really should pick that practice back up. It seems like my most popular posts on here are all about photos or food. For instance, An Extensive Photoblog of Indonesian Cuisine and  Drinks from around the world.

I posted photos one day of a simple adventure to an Asian grocery store titled, Egg Rolls and Pig's Head: Exploring Dallas and for some reason people still visit it. Of course everyone loves a personal love story, so I'm less surprised that I get hits on my story of meeting and marrying Isaac, How to conduct a cheesy Bible College relationship.

In the first year of blogging on Papua Girl in Dallas, I did a series of  photo blogs drawing from my personal photos and photos from to illustrate where I grew up and a couple on my undergrad in Chicago.

Featured Flikr Photos: Jayapura
Featured Flikr Photos: Sentani
Featured Flikr Photos: Papuan Village Life
Featured Flikr Photos: Moody Bible Institute
Featured Flikr Photos: 10 Most Romantic Spots in Chicago

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