Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Notes on Motherhood at four months

1. As a few of my recent posts have indicated, it is amazing what having a kid does to an organized woman's brain. I am currently SUCH a spaz.

2. I loved the early weeks of Judah's life, when he was like a live doll, so tiny and helpless and precious. However, I think it gets really fun at about three months, when they have a schedule and are responsive and smiley. I absolutely love that. I love that the way I say "Judah" cracks him up and he giggles at me. He's four months now, and is playful and interactive and a charmer. Last night at 5 am instead of falling back to sleep after eating, he lay next to me, wide awake and staring at me. I'd stir and open  my eyes and see him staring at me, would smile at him, and he'd give me a big grin before I drifted back to sleep. Eventually he fell asleep but.... how cute. :)

3. My "supply" has dropped enough that we've been eating away at the freezer stash I built up before going back to work. This past week it got really bad and we almost cleared it all out. I asked the lactation consultant (yes that is a real thing) at the doctor's this week for tips, and thus I smell like maple syrup from taking Fenugreek (an herbal supplement). Her other tip? Drink dark, full beer. Can you believe it?? A doctor told me to drink beer. Amazing. In any case, that's going a little better, but pumping at work is driving me crazy.

4. I love that when we do bedtime at the right time, we read a Bible story in the rocking chair and Judah knows bed is coming and gets sleepy. When we put him in his pac-n-play he rolls to his side and sucks on the pacifier and puts his hands up in front of his eyes.... and moan/talks for a few minutes before drifting off. No tears. That's the best.

5. Our favorite thing this stage of life? The bumbo. I love that it gives Judah lots of sitting up time without us having to hold him, since he gets really frustrated with having to lay down right now. We still use the bouncer a lot, though.

6. Tell me, do you think it's better to fly all night or all day with an infant? We are watching ticket prices for Rachel's wedding in England this summer, and I get mixed messages about when to fly...

7. Judah is often, in Isaac's words, vomilicious.

THis next one is IN motion.


Jaimie said...

As someone who's flown overnight... day! Because at night you want to sleep, and yeah.

Jaimie said...

Oh and I'm speaking as a fellow-passenger, not what would be easier for you, lol.

That Married Couple said...

I agree, this stage is so much fun!! And vomilicious? Hilarious.

I Love-Hate America by Bing said...

Hi, congratulations on your new baby. I wasn't able to wish you when you just delivered him. You are enjoying motherhood. Anyway, what I've heard, the time of day does not matter in flying for a baby. But they say you have to be prepared and get organized for a flight with a baby.

Kelley said...

ahh fenugreek. You smell like maple syrup and I bet baby Judah does too!

I had a "hard" baby so my opinion might be different, but we definitely prefer to fly during the day (I've flown with him probably 7 flights at this point.) When I've flown with him at night, his body was really confused. He would nap on the plane, but wouldn't just sleep like he normally would at night. Since I like keeping him on schedule, trying to keep naps going on the plane was just easier. And during the day you are a lot more prepared to just be UP and deal with him.

Bethany said...

Oh my gosh, that second one in particular..woah!!! Otherwise this baby stage is fun ;)