Thursday, May 26, 2011

Judah Tries Cereal

Things are quiet around the blog, and there's a reason for it! Isaac's had a summer class, Judah got a cold, I was flattened by a sinus infection, we're packing and moving this weekend and it has been ka-razy.

But. I'll be back.

And I'll leave you with Judah trying cereal for the second time. His reaction was the same the first three times... hilarious. You'd think he was being burned or poisoned or something.


Jaimie said...

You have a genuinely cute kid. I like the videos. :)

Kacie said...

Thanks jaimie. I don't think of you as a gushy girl over babies, so I appreciate it. :)

Amy B said...

So funny! Kiddos are such a hoot.

I gave Josiah his first cereal at 6 months. He would scream and gag, it was a mixture of hilarious, pathetic and sad. We didn't have any success with food until he was almost 8 months. Now his baby books are saying he should be eating bite sized foods. Ha! We just got the hang of mush. My boy is definitely "behind" the curve when it comes to eating. I just have to take things at his pace.