Monday, May 16, 2011

I remember - The Odd Childhood of a TCK

I remember...
When I thought that my grandma's sandwich lunches for us, made with wheat bread, lunch meat, lettuce, and french's mustard, were the most amazing thing. They came with applesauce and cottage cheese, soooo good. So unlike anything we could make in Indonesia.

I remember on flights back to the US my brother and I would excitedly wait for the layover in Hawaii, where we would go to the nearest vending machine and buy Nacho Cheese Doritos. They were THE best thing ever.
When we got back on the next flight, officially the first in the US, we waited for the drink cart to wheel around and always ordered milk. I remember just how smooth and clean that milk out of the little box was. SO much better than powdered milk.

And this... this is my brother with a WWII hand grenade that he found in a friend's garden. It still had the pin in it. The photo was taken before we found out that grenades that old are extremely volatile and can spontaneously explode. It was a little family fiasco trying to figure out what to do with it after that... you know, how to get it out of the house... and away from the general area....

I remember that cheddar cheese was brought to our city by boat, was only carried by one store, and often ran out. We bought it in huge blocks and kept it for recipes and never had just cheese slices. I swore that when I was an adult and back in America I would buy cheese... and eat it. Plain. All by myself. Yum.

I remember arriving in LA and staying in a guest house there after years in Indonesia. The shared kitchen had a bowl of fruit. Apples, oranges, and bananas. I'd never seen such huge versions of the fruit. The oranges were orange instead of green, and SO sweet and juicy. I was amazed.

Fruit overseas... well... check this out

This photo is amazing on many levels. It's in our back yard. Those are papayas that up at the tree. That's my brother climbing. My hubby can never believe that my mom was okay with all the crazy climbing feats. I was much less daring. This is me, climbing to our tree house, which was pretty awesome.

Note. I am wearing leggings. Too bad it wasn't cool at the time.

And this... this is us going to church. Umbrellas can be used for rain, but their primary purpose is to keep off the sun.

PS... I like how Caleb's socks are halfway up his calves. Very nice.

and... this is where Judah gets his blue eyes.

That's my sister. She's graduating high school in a few weeks. WEIRD. I think the occasion calls for a much more embarrassing (and still adorable) photo.


junglewife said...

Fun memories! Thanks for posting :-) Things are a bit different here now, as you well know, but those huge 2 kilo blocks of cheddar cheese? Well, they cost over $50 now. Yikes :-( One of our friends here actually had a friend put a block of Tillamook cheese in a care package for them (no, they didn't ask!). It took over a month to get here, but the cheese, surprisingly enough, was still good! And oh boy, did it taste good! Now I am trying to figure out how many blocks of cheese can fit in a flat rate box... :-)

Kacie said...

Ay... $50. Wow. and Tillamook cheese going through Indonesian heat?? Wow. Sounds like a good hand carry assignment for someone!