Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back where we lived before....

It has been SO much fun to move back into this apartment complex, the same one we lived in two years ago before moving in with roomies.

It's a little puzzling that it's so exciting, considering my first year in Dallas was awful, and my second was okay but not great. Why am I excited to go back to a place that isn't associated with great memories?

Familiarity, though, is huge and rare in my life. It's really funny to be almost giddy about it. We can see our old porch from our new porch. The gate out of the workout room is still hard to open. The crate myrtle tree positioned above the pool still sheds flowers every time the wind blows and makes the pool look like it's messy. We know the restaurants and stores around. I LOVE that. It makes it feel like we're coming home, in a way.

I also love that this place is incredibly multi ethnic and multi cultural and it has a family atmosphere. We're down at our pool every couple of days, and while our last complex was fancier, the pool somehow felt formal and we rarely swam in it. Here we're often there with kids of all different colors, the water is warm, and it's just so relaxing and fun. Judah has a little inflatable ring and he loves the water.

On the other hand, things are different living here this time around, in a good way. Although our apartment is smaller, a crucial difference is that I HAVE A CAR. I spent my first year in Dallas taking public transport, and while that worked just fine in Chicago, since hardly anything in Dallas is walking distance it basically meant I was trapped between work and the apartment and couldn't get anywhere else. I had a scooter for a while, which is was great, but it was stolen. Now I not only know the area, I can easily get around in rusty old car.

AND even better news - after suffering through last summer without AC in my car, I took the car to our mechanic, ready to pay for a new compressor but hoping he would get us a good deal (he always does), better than the $1,000 that the fancy auto shop told me it would cost when they checked it out last summer. Our mechanic took a look at it, put in freon, and sent me on my way. MY AC WORKS! It's brutally hot and I can live with that because I've got AC (and - thank you to Scot for your car advice, and NO thanks to the scumbag fancy auto shop that wanted to fleece me of 1,000 last summer).

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