Tuesday, June 14, 2011

because photos are valuable

Remember weeks ago when I mentioned that I was attempted to move all my recent photos from my work computer to hard drive storage? And then the USB snapped off the computer? Yeah, it'd cost like $400 to repair. So. Since I've uploaded so many to facebook and the blog, we're not repairing it. *sigh*.

And so... I shall continue uploading photos!

Remember how he used to sleep with his hands over his face? As soon as he learned to roll over he started sleeping on his stomach. Preferably like this, with his butt high in the air.

Thanks to an office friend, Judah was made a Mavs fan. Someone had to step in and save Judah from his parents. We're so out of the sports world we're doing him a disservice!

Baby rolls, baby bootie, baby messy hair... adorables.

Judah can get halfway across a room by rolling. Sometimes he ends up under things... like the bed. And actually, he LOVES to be under things. It makes him giggle.

No paparazzi, please.

I think this is my very favorite picture of little J Mann and me. Sweet little baby yawns.


cclarebear said...

It really freaks me out that he looks so much like you...

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, he is so CUTE! Makes me long even more for my little guy to get here. :)

CM said...

LOVE the pictures; sorry about the loss of the other ones, though. I am a big fan of photos myself, and I think they're priceless with babies since they change so fast!

Kacie said...

weird clare. :) he's got my eyes, but his face shape is apparently more like Isaac. It's pretty funny. I'll walk into my office with him and one person will walk up and say, "Oh my gosh he looks just like you!" Then the next person will walk up and say, "Awww he looks just like his daddy."

There is no consensus.

Rach said...

Um the naked baby picture just kills me. So cute.