Monday, June 27, 2011

how Isaac takes care of baby and still sleeps till 10:30 in the morning

When Judah and I get up in the morning, we have about an hour together before I take him to the bedroom, stack some pillows along the side of the bed so he can't roll off, and then lay him down to play next to his still-dozing daddy. This is pretty funny and completely heart-melting. I always leave him with toys, which he plays with for all of five seconds before rolling his way over to daddy, even he's been placed as far away as I can get him. They lay there, Judah stretched alongside daddy's shoulder, with Judah stretching one arm over Isaac's shoulder and up to his face. Depending on daddy's level of wakefulness, he may stick his fingers up daddy's nose (Isaac is a DEEP sleeper in the morning), or may only get away with scratching his little fingers all through daddy's beard. Eventually he gets tired of that and he'll pick up a toy and start shaking it around, bopping whatever part of daddy happens to be within arm's length.

It is hilarious. I can't believe Isaac can doze through it, and I can't believe Judah can lay there and essentially play with his sleeping daddy all the way through till morning nap time, which is when they both fall asleep completely again. I've called home at 10:30 and accidentally woken Isaac up - he hadn't even stepped out of bed yet. How many stay at home moms sleep till 11am? This will end when Judah can crawl, I'm sure.

And... it's adorable. If I run back into the bedroom once more before leaving for work, the sight of Judah snuggled against his daddy, curiously scratching Isaac's face..... heart-melting.

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Rach said...

That sounds like a good deal for Isaac! And yes, you're right--this won't last long. Hope he enjoys it! Each stage is so fun and so short. :)