Friday, June 24, 2011

Judah videos!

So. Judah is rocking back and forth on his hands and knees, so crawling is in the not so distant future. Other current Judah favorites:

A. Trying real food. We decided to do a little of the puree/cereal thing, but also to just introduce real food as he wants to try it. His discovery of this strawberry makes it looks like he's mangling raw meat.

B. Being stuck under things.
He's a weird kid. Being under things makes him giggle and wiggle. I use it as a distraction tactic if he's fussy.

C. Swimming!
We love the pool at this complex, and our little ring floaty thing makes Judah feel like he can get all over the pool on his own. He kicks like a dolphin and drifts around, grinning all the while.

D. Himself.
Little Man is used to the tv and computer screens, but when he sees videos of himself he stares intently and sometimes giggles at his own giggling. Hello, narcissism. :)

I think he's adorable and hilarious.

I'm wrestling with a bit of working mom guilt right now. Isaac's out of school so I'm at work almost every day instead of working from home a couple days a week. I miss the extra time with him!


Jaimie said...

Wow, you did not just refer to yourself in the third person... :P

I like how you say "Are you vain, Judah, do you like to watch yourself," just before you take two glances at yourself in the mirror.

He is super cute. Don't feel guilty about keeping time away -- he won't remember any of it.

cclarebear said...

He's so cute!!! Vic and I were cracking up laughing with the pillow one... And the strawberries were kind of gross lol

CM said...

He is definitely both adorable and hilarious! :)

Wiley said...

Love the videos! The strawberry gave me a good laugh. He is a real cutie (I know, preaching to the choir...)
You should see if you can get him some swimming lessons if you haven't already. I guess it's the Aussie in me, but most of us learnt to swim before we could walk and it is such a good idea when you're around water a lot!