Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dallas Papua Reunion

- We spent Sunday afternoon and evening with a bunch of kids (okay, we are now adults with lots of new spouses and babies) I went to high school with in Papua. Actually, some of them I even went to grade school with. In fact, Kars and my parents were in training to go overseas together when I was five.So. We all go way back. Note to new graduates from overseas.... it's been ten years or more for all of us, and we're still getting together. Those relationships do not end.

 - After a day at the pool I am lightly toasted. Judah is only just tinged pink (to my relief). Isaac is bright red. I sympathize buuuut it is also his own fault. :)

- I do so love my Papua family. Everyone that made it this time grew up with the organization that sent my parents to Indonesia. So many of our parents are scattered across Asia doing all sorts of things now. I've sat here staring at the screen trying to formulate the next sentence in my head but I just can't express any more than just... I love this family. Truly do. I knows it's been years and we change and there's new husbands and wives and babies and divorces and beliefs. Regardless. I love these people.

- We concluded that we need to find someone wealthy to finance an all-expense paid reunion for Papua alum. Anyone want to volunteer?

- We went to Blue Ginger Garden in Plano for Malay food. It was great, and it's always so funny to see a gang of homesick Papuan kids drool over anything close to Indonesian food. We attacked that meal!

- Despite being all in the general area, only one of the 10 of us has watched any of the Mavs games, and only a few of us knew the NBA finals were on as we were eating dinner. See, Dallas friends, it is not just Isaac and I that are so out of it!

- We arrived home and lost internet connection. Suddenly there was yelling and screaming in the hallways and we thought a fight broke out in the apartment next door. Nope. Dallas Mavs won the NBA championship! The apartment below us had guys spewing beer everywhere and yelling in excitement, lots of people were in the hallways and on their porches cheering. Fun fun.

- Isaac and I are good luck. Cubs made it far and the Sox won while we were Chicago. Since we've been in Dallas the Rangers and now the Mavs have taken it all the way. Which city needs us now?

- I now have two goals before we leave for England and Rach's wedding on the 4th of July. First, get a hair cut ( the first since November). Second, get a date with the hubster. Time is flying!


Amy B said...

Hair cut! Hair cut! I think you would be adorable in a pixie cut. But of course I am now biased! ;)

Sarah said...

Sounds like a great weekend! :)

Cincinnati needs you desperately, haha. The Reds made the playoffs for the first time in forever last year, but then lost right away. They've been bad for a bunch of years. I'm not sure the Bengals even play football anymore!