Saturday, June 4, 2011

when I was a freshman in college

So first off, a few comments. I chatted with my family on skype this morning. It was just a few hours before my sisters step on an airplane and fly to the US, which is very surreal. I also absolutely love the moment when I put the camera on Judah and everyone melts into, "AWWWWWW." I love that they love him. And finally, my brother Matt cracks me up. My dad came in to report that Matt was on browsing the 5-piece men's suits.

But... that's off topic. I'm currently unpacking the box that I packed all my desk stuff in, and I got side tracked reading a folder full of printed off emails that track my college years. All I did was print them off and file them, they haven't been read in years. They.... are hilarious. The first emails are dated August 21 and 22nd, and they detail my first weeks at Moody. The people I list as my closest friends are indeed the people I stayed close friends with, and some of you are reading now.

College freshman me cracks me up:
It seems like all the proffs and "Joe" the president of Moody are all talking about the likelihood of us kids getting married here. It's so scary - especially when I'm sitting in the room with like - I dunno, maybe 20 or 25 guys... and thinking that maybe in a few years I'll be engaged to one of them. Scary, eh? I love the ratio, tho. It was me and like, four girls... and then those 20 or 25 guys (in a meeting for the new students in our major). Isn't that awesome? Quite an improvement on the ratio in high school!
Lol! For the record, Isaac was not in the room at the time. Good ol' Joe really did try his best to set people up. Not that Bible College freshman need ANY encouragement that direction. They earn their nickname... "Bridal Institutes".

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Bob said...

Good times! Every once in a while I'll go back and find a picture of me back then, or read something I wrote, and I'll either (a) cringe, or (b) laugh hysterically.