Saturday, July 23, 2011

Featured Flikr Photos: Bristol

Our next trip after London was to Bristol, which is where my husband grew up. We did a few whirlwind trips to the airport, to see a friend, and to see a play, so we weren't really sightseeing. Still, I'm impressed by the beauty of this old city.

We parked right in front of this gorgeous old home in Queen's square, which includes a bunch of old buildings including the first American embassy - since most of the ships to a from America sailed out of Bristol. 

Bristol - Queen Square House

Queen Square

The play we saw was just off of Bristol's Floating Harbor, which was much prettier than I expected.
Bristol, Floating Harbour

And the play we saw (or at least I saw until Judah started crying and I left) was at the Old Vic, a theater that is almost as old as the US (192 years old). In early years it was described as, "a licensed pit of darkness, a trap of temptation, profligacy and ruin". Later the greatest actors in England acted there, and it was bombed in WWII. We saw an adaptation of Treasure Island, which is partly set in Bristol and several of the scenes in the book are based off of pubs that were just a block away from the theater and still exist.

Coopers' Hall, King Street, Bristol (Bristol Old Vic)

Bristol has this gorgeous suspension bridge that looks out over the city, and it's quite a sight to drive both into and around the city.
Clifton Suspension Bridge


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